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Stand-alone Clark/Lex

Words .:. Clark/Lex .:. NC-17 .:. 9 kb

Lex pushed in roughly, not too rough, just rough enough to get that sound out of Clark, the one somewhere between a whimper and a gasp that always went straight to Lex's cock.

Dangerous Things .:. Clark/Lex .:. NC-17 .:. 18 kb

Clark glanced around the Talon.

Enough .:. Clark/Lex .:. R .:. 5 kb

"So are you going to tell me?" Clark asked.

Devastation .:. Clark/Lex .:. PG .:. 5 kb

The newsroom was oddly quiet when Clark entered, tired from a night of trying to save flood victims in Bangladesh.

Acts Of Faith .:. Clark/Lex .:. NC-17 .:. 46 kb

He'd had sex with Clark Kent.

Penance .:. Clark/Lex .:. NC-17 .:. 24 kb .:. Futurefic

Lex was in his arms, but it was wrong, all wrong.

One Of These Days .:. Clark/Lex .:. R .:. 10 kb

Helen watched her sleeping lover—no, fiancÚ.

The Silly Press Conference Story .:. Clark/Lex .:. PG-13 .:. 11 kb

Superman landed smoothly, transforming the momentum of his flight into a run and then a walk.

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