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Claiming 1


Title: Claiming 1

Fandom: Phantom Menace

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Category: Slash

Pairing: Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC-17

Summmary: Obi-Wan lays claim to his master. Smut.

AN: I just banged this one out. Thanks to Keely for the first line and my partner for the third.

The ability to form words deserted him as all the blood left his head and made its way to warmer climes. Obi-Wan groaned inwardly. Nature had given him both a brain and a penis but apparently only enough blood to run one of them at a time.face="Times New Roman">

"Obi-Wan," Qui-Gon repeated, toweling his hair. "How was your class? What age group did Master J'lath stick you with?"

Obi-Wan tried to focus his attention away from the expanse of his master's naked chest. Why couldn't the man have just put on some clothes? Obi-Wan had not been expecting to confront a naked, dripping Qui-Gon. He really should dress before answering the door. He caught sight of a drop of water on his master's right shoulder. Obi-Wan focused on that, thinking perhaps it would enable to think again. Unfortunately the drop slithered slowly downward, drawing Obi-Wan's eyes with it.

"The six year olds master." The drop was passing next to a nipple. "I. umm. It was fine. They behaved well." Unconsciously he licked his lips as the drop slid lower.

"What were you expected to teach them?"

What had Qui-Gon asked? No help for it, he guessed. Qui-Gon always had trouble managing the younger students so he probably didn't believe they had been well behaved. "Yes, they really were good. Kids always like science class."

"Is something wrong Obi-Wan? You seem a bit unfocused." There was no mistaking the amusement in Qui-Gon's voice.

"Do I?" Obi-Wan looked at his master's face for the first time since entering his quarters. "Perhaps it is because my Master insists on parading himself in front of me."

"My nakedness troubles you, Padawan?" Qui-Gon said. "Jedi are not supposed to be bothered by such things. Perhaps we need to examine this prudery of yours."

Obi-Wan stepped directly in front of his master. "It is not prudery." He looked up at him, challenging. "Quite the opposite in fact." Obi-Wan placed one finger on his master's shoulder, tracing the path followed by the drop of water. He watched with satisfaction as desire sparked in his Master's eyes. It was empowering to think he could arouse him with such a simple touch.

The drop he was tracing had passed just along the edge of his master's cock. Obi-Wan felt him start as his finger traced the path. Emboldened, he took a half-step back from his master and began undressing. He slid his cloak from his shoulders. Using the force to pull a nearby chair to him, he placed a foot on it. Leaning over to he undid the fastenings of his boot. Removed it and placed his other foot on the chair. Both boots removed, he returned the chair to its usual place.face="Times New Roman">

Pretending Qui-Gon wasn't there, wasn't watching him intently, he undid his belt, followed it with his sash. He could sense Qui-Gon's reaction, but still avoided looking at him directly. Undoing his tunic, he removed it with a deliberate casualness and folded it neatly before placing it on top of his cloak.

Facing Qui-Gon, he moved his hands to his pants and unfastened them. "My nakedness doesn't trouble you does it Master?" He continued before his master could reply. "Of course not, you're not a prude." He shrugged. "Then again modesty is a virtue and a Jedi should always strive to be virtuous, so perhaps I should leave these on." He made a movement as though he were going to refasten his pants. "What do you think Master?"

"Take the pants off, Obi-Wan."face="Times New Roman">

"Is that a command, Qui-Gon?" He stepped close to his master. His breath was hot on his Master's neck. "I don't think I want to obey any commands today. In fact, I think I want to give them."

He put his mouth close to his Master's ear, spoke quietly. "I'll take the pants off. But only if you agree to my terms." He looked into his face, casually running a finger across his master's chest. "The only words you may utter are Obi and Wan. And you may not touch me or move unless instructed to do so. Agreed?"

Qui-Gon smiled, "Agreed."

Placing his lips against Qui-Gon's shoulder he nipped and licked lightly. Gradually, he moved lower, following again the route taken by the drop of water. He felt a brief tinge of regret that the drop had not passed over a nipple. He placed his hands on Qui-Gon's hips to steady himself as he moved his mouth down Qui-Gon's abdomen.

Reaching his master's cock, he forced himself to remain on the drop's path. He pressed the tip of his tongue to the top of Qui-Gon's cock near the base, followed the curve of it.

He looked up. Qui-Gon was watching him. Their eyes met and he smiled softly before leaning forward and sliding his mouth over Qui-Gon's erection. Qui-Gon moved his hands as if to entangle them in his hair. Obi-Wan stopped. The hands returned to Qui-Gon's side. He decided then and there that he wanted to see Qui-Gon's knees buckle.

Obi-Wan focused his attention on the contents of his mouth. He pulled back slowly, curving his tongue along the underside. Reaching the edge of the head, he moved forward again. He stroked several more times, letting Qui-Gon's arousal build slowly. He slid his hands from Qui-Gon's hips to his buttocks and clasped them firmly. He didn't squeeze or caress in any way; he just held them as he caressed Qui-Gon's cock with his mouth and lips.

Changing tactics slightly, he ceased stroking. Taking just the head in his mouth he flicked it with his tongue, briefly probing the slit. He turned his eyes upward. Qui-Gon was still watching him. I know you like this. Like watching me suck your cock.

Qui-Gon didn't answer. He couldn't. Obi-Wan pressed further. I love doing it. The feel of you in my mouth, the taste of you, your smell. The way you react when I do this. Removing his mouth from Qui-Gon's cock, he ran one of his hands along it, brushing the underside with his thumb. He met Qui-Gon's eyes as he moved his thumb back and forth across the sensitive spot just below the head. Shall I replace the thumb with my mouth? Another stroke of his thumb. I should? Another stroke. Well. Several rapid strokes. Since that is what you want. Tilting his head to the side, he took the area in his mouth and sucked gently, caressed it with his tongue, sucked harder.face="Times New Roman">

"Obi-Wan." Qui-Gon moaned his name and Obi-Wan's own cock twitched in response.face="Times New Roman">

He ran his fingers along the crack of Qui-Gon's ass. Qui-Gon parted his legs. Obi-Wan sat back and very deliberately placed his finger in his mouth, moistening it. Then he resumed sucking Qui-Gon's cock. No longer gentle or teasing, he sucked firmly, moving his mouth back and forth with increasing speed.

He was keenly aware of Qui-Gon fighting the urge to move. It was a heady feeling, having Qui-Gon at his mercy, knowing he could arouse his oh-so-controlled master. He wanted to push Qui-Gon even further. He wanted to see him over the edge, take him to the place where conscious thought was no longer possible. Qui-Gon had done it to him often enough. What was that saying about turn around being fair play?

He re-focused his attention fully on Qui-Gon. He was nearly there. Obi-Wan traced his anus with the moistened finger. Qui-Gon groaned. He pushed the finger in slowly. He brushed it across his master's prostate. Come. He brushed again, sucking hard. Come.

Qui-Gon's knees buckled. Obi-Wan caught him with the force, gently easing him down as he swallowed, again and again. He was kneeling between his master's legs, his mouth still glued to Qui-Gon. He eased his finger from his master and sat up. Grinning.

Seeing the look on his face, Qui-Gon chuckled. Obi-Wan had never looked so pleased with himself.

Qui-Gon reached out to touch him, but his hand was intercepted. "Have you forgotten our agreement so soon?" Qui-Gon looked confused. Obi-Wan chuckled softly. He moved up Qui-Gon's body until his face was close to Qui-Gon's. He kissed him softly, almost chastely. Then took an earlobe in his mouth and sucked gently. Hearing Qui-Gon's sharp intake of breath, he stopped, whispered softly, "You thought I was finished with you?" He nibbled on Qui-Gon's neck. "I am far from finished with you, Master. Very far."face="Times New Roman">

But, Padawan, you failed to live up to your end of the agreement.

Obi-Wan glanced down. "So I did."face="Times New Roman">

He stood. Quickly he slid his pants down and stepped out of them. He sensed Qui-Gon's surprise. "Were you expecting me to tease you?"

He moved to straddle his master's waist. "Perhaps I should."

Raising a hand, he stroked his own chest. Ran his fingers over a nipple. Qui-Gon was watching him hungrily. "Shall I squeeze Qui-Gon? So we can both imagine that it is your mouth on my nipple instead of my fingers? I've done it many times. Touched myself imagining the hands were yours." Qui-Gon's arousal flowed across their bond. Obi-Wan fought back a groan as he felt it. He couldn't hold back much longer.

He moved his hand to his cock, grabbed it firmly. He began stroking hard. "Would you like to know what I imagined last night?" He didn't wait for answer Qui-Gon couldn't give. "I imagined fucking you. I imagined sliding my cock into you. Gently. I didn't want to hurt you. You were on your hands and knees. Once I was all the way in you I stopped. I just stayed there for a while, feeling you around me, running my hands over you, kissing your back. But you were impatient Master. You started pushing against me. I took your hips in my hands and began to move. I was slow. You felt so good. Hot. Tight. I wanted it to last." His eyes were glued to his Master's face. Qui-Gon's eyes were glued to his cock, watching his hand. He followed Qui-Gon's gaze. There were drops on the end of his cock.

"You want to lick it don't you? Taste me?" He brushed the tip with his other hand, covering a fingertip with seminal fluid. He raised it to Qui-Gon's lips. Qui-Gon eagerly sucked it into his mouth, running his tongue over the tip. Obi-Wan groaned.

He withdrew his finger, sought Qui-Gon's eyes with his own. "Now where was I?"

He smiled. "Oh yes. I was fucking you." Obi-Wan resumed stroking. "You were most demanding master. You tried to move fast." His own hand increased in speed. "I didn't wanted you to. You moaned my name over and over, begged me to fuck you harder." The image in his mind, his hand on his cock, the look on Qui-Gon's face, Obi-Wan had to finish this story while he could still talk. "You asked so nicely. How could I refuse? I took you. Hard and fast. You came just before I did. You were shaking, clutching me with your ass. I came hard. Spurting into you." Obi-Wan's hand moved rapidly, almost punishingly, over his cock. He lost the ability to focus, his eyes closed. He groaned his master's name as his come spurted over Qui-Gon's chest.

He opened his eyes when he felt Qui-Gon's hand on his cheek. Such tenderness in that touch. The look on his master's face would have taken his breath away, if he hadn't already been hyperventilating. Qui-Gon was clearly turned on, but it was more than that. He was looking at Obi-Wan with love. And delight.

Obi-Wan had to kiss him. While his lips gently parted Qui-Gon's, he spoke into his master's mind. I'll forgive you touching me without permission. But only because it felt so good. Ignoring Qui-Gon's surprise he deepened the kiss, feeling their tongues meet in a slow sensuous dance. Obi-Wan sometimes thought that Qui-Gon had earned the title Master based upon his ability to kiss. He could be tender and demanding one minute, rough and sensuous the next. For the first time that morning, he let Qui-Gon take the lead, kissing him in the way which never failed to make Obi-Wan hard as a rock. This time was no exception.

After several long minutes, he pulled back. "Let's move this to the bed." He kissed Qui-Gon briefly before rising.

He took Qui-Gon's hand in his and led him into the bed chamber.

Qui-Gon had already adjusted the windows allowing in sunlight. Obi-Wan found it intrusive, not at all in keeping with their mood. Using the force, he readjusted the controls, lowering the amount of light.

"Lie down, Master. I'll be right back."

He went to the bathroom, rummaged around for the large, soft sponge he knew was there somewhere. He found it at the back of a drawer. After moistening it with warm water, he returned to the bedroom.

"You're a bit sticky." He cleaned Qui-Gon's chest with the sponge. Then his own.

He lie down on his side, resting his head on one hand. He traced Qui-Gon's face with his fingers. Over his cheek, up across his forehead, down his nose. "You know you never told me how you broke this." He smiled warmly. "Maybe later, when you can talk." He planted a kiss on the tip of that nose. His fingers moved though Qui-Gon's beard, up to his lips. He outlined his Master's mouth with his fingers, could not resist more kisses.

He brushed Qui-Gon's hair back with his fingers, exposing an ear. Again, he traced with his fingers. Before sliding them down across Qui-Gon's neck. passing over a spot slightly above Qui-Gon's collar bone, he recalled how sensitive that spot could be. Took it into his mouth and sucked gently. Qui-Gon arched his head back, just a little. Releasing his neck, Obi-Wan looked into his eyes as he moved his fingers lower.

Lazily he let his fingers rove over his master's torso. Down his side, up his chest, back down again. "You are beautiful, Master. Have I told you that?" His fingers moved over the muscles in his master's arm, up to his shoulder. "So powerful." He pressed his whole hand against Qui-Gon's shoulder, moved it back down his arm to his hand. He turned the hand over. Gently caressed the palm with his fingers. "I love your hands." His fingers moved along Qui-Gon's. "So strong. Yet so gentle. Sometimes, just the thought of your hands makes me hard." He raised the hand to his mouth, kissed it.

Lying it back down. He changed positions, moved so that he was again straddling Qui-Gon. He used both hands this time, caressing Qui-Gon. His touch was beyond gentle, it was reverent.

"You are mine, Qui-Gon. Do you understand that?" Obi-Wan saw in his face that he did. "I claim you." He paused for a moment, his hands moving along Qui-Gon's sides, imprinting the feel of his ribs in Obi-Wan's mind. "I suppose such possessiveness is not very Jedi-like, but I don't care." The corners of his mouth turned up slightly as he thought of the Code. "With you there is both serenity and passion, each following the other sometimes so rapidly it makes my head spin."

He leaned forward, claiming Qui-Gon's lips. Within moments he was lost as Qui-Gon worked his usual magic. Qui-Gon was gentle, but roughness lie just beneath the surface. Quite frequently his mouth demanded Obi-Wan's surrender. Today he offered his own.

Groaning, he pulled away. You bring me peace and make me hot all at the same time.

He moved lower. Positioning himself between Qui-Gon's legs, he began to stroke them. "You move with such grace. I marvel at it. How a man so large can move like that." Hands moved upward, passing temptingly close to Qui-Gon's cock. "If I let you speak you would probably tell me it is because of how close you are to the living force. I really don't care about the reason. I just love to watch you." His hands reached Qui-Gon's feet.

He moved to the end of the bed, stood up. "Turn over."

Obi-Wan again straddled his master. Pushing Qui-Gon's hair to one side, he kissed the back of his neck. He ran his hands down the center of Qui-Gon's back. Starting at the neck, he kissed his way down Qui-Gon. His lips covered every bit of Qui-Gon's spine, while his hands caressed the rest. Reaching the base of Qui-Gon's spine, he paused for a moment, pressing his cheek against Qui-Gon's back.

He repositioned himself between Qui-Gon's legs. He cupped Qui-Gon's cheeks in his hands, then stroked them. Was there a part of him which wasn't beautiful?

He parted those cheeks with his hands, ran his tongue along the exposed surface. Qui-Gon moaned, "Obi-Wan."

He repeated the caress. Used his hands to move Qui-Gon onto his knees. He leaned forward and rimmed Qui-Gon's asshole with his tongue. "Obi, love." He loved the sound of Qui-Gon moaning, especially his name, especially with such need.

He parted the tight circle with his tongue. Qui-Gon trembled. He moved his tongue over and around the sensitive flesh, back inside. Qui-Gon was moaning continuously now. "Please, love. Obi-Wan."

"Please what?" He added silently, Anything, Qui-Gon. I'll give you anything."

"Fuck me."

The bottle of oil was in Obi-Wan's hand almost instantly. He covered two fingers, gently inserted one into Qui-Gon. Was surprised at how open Qui-Gon was. He added the second finger, turning them as he stroked, gently lubricating his love.

Qui-Gon reached out to him with the force, intense need flowing along their bond. It startled him, shook him. He poured oil into his hand hastily slathered it over his cock. He rose onto his knees, and held himself at Qui-Gon's entrance. I love you. He moved forward, pushing slowly, inexorably into Qui-Gon, who opened readily beneath him. Once fully ensconced in Qui-Gon, he paused. The reality was so much better than the fantasy. It was hot and tight, but mostly it was Qui-Gon.

Qui-Gon was there in his mind, and he was filled the sensation of being penetrated, of holding the one you love deep inside you. It was a feeling with which he had become intimately familiar over the last few months. Now Qui-Gon was feeling it. He was giving Qui-Gon that feeling.

He began to move slowly. Heard Qui-Gon groan in response.

Forcing himself to concentrate for a few minutes more, he filled his palm with oil and reached around to take hold of Qui-Gon's cock. He didn't stroke, he just held, letting stimulation come from the movements of their bodies.

He tried to keep himself controlled. He wanted to savor this, wanted to give Qui-Gon as much pleasure as he could. But Qui-Gon was as impatient in reality as he had been in fantasy. He pushed back against Obi-Wan asking for more, pleading for more.

"I'm yours, Obi-Wan. Yours."

Qui-Gon's words shredded him. Overwhelmed he grabbed his master's hips and began fucking him, hard and fast. Claiming him. Taking him.

Qui-Gon's hand replaced Obi-Wan's.

They rocked together, beyond thought, beyond awareness of anything except each other. Qui-Gon came first, pulling Obi-Wan with him, locking their minds together in shared pleasure.

Obi-Wan collapsed against Qui-Gon's back, clinging to him. He wasn't sure he could move, even if he had wanted to. Afer a few minutes he did move, because Qui-Gon asked him to.

Qui-Gon was still shaking. "Qui-Gon. Are you all right?"

"Yes, it's just…I want to turn over. I want you to hold me."

"Of course, love." He withdrew and Qui-Gon turned over.

His eyes were full of tears. Obi-Wan moved up alongside him, pulling him into a tight embrace.

"What's wrong? What is it? Did I hurt you?" I didn't want to hurt you.

"No, you didn't hurt me. Just shook me to the core. Turned me inside out." There was happiness in his voice. "Made me see stars."

"Stars? Really? I see moons when you fuck me."

Qui-Gon laughed, tried to pull him closer.

"You're amazing, you know that."

"I am glad you think so, Master."

"I do." Qui-Gon stole a quick kiss. "I trust you Obi-Wan, more than anyone else. Ever." Another kiss. "You take me places I never thought I would go, didn't know I could go." Another kiss.

Smiling he studied Obi-Wan's face. "I think next time you should be the one unable to move." His eyes twinkled. "Perhaps literally." He sensed Obi-Wan's puzzlement. "What do you think of restraints?"

"As in tie me to the bed?"

"Uh, huh."

"I think you hadn't better be kidding."

Qui-Gon laughed. Kissed him again. I wasn't.