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HST 8: Anal Intercourse: After the Class


Title: HST 8: Anal Intercourse: After the Class

Fandom: Phantom Menace

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Category: Slash

Pairing: Qui-Gon Jinn/Obi-Wan Kenobi

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC-17

Beta: Thank you to kaly who beta'd the first part and has been very patient with my sudden need to insert unneccessary commas.

Obi Wan was fairly glowing as he approached his customary lunch table. His pleasant mood did not go unnoticed.

"You're in a good mood." Ragen observed. "Especially considering that your love life is now public knowledge."

Obi Wan shrugged. "I figured you would have heard."

"So, were the students right? Were you and Qui Gon discussing who would be on the bottom tonight?"

"What are you blathering about now, Ragen?" Bant asked as she slid onto the bench next to Obi Wan.

"You haven't heard?" Bant shook her head slightly. "Kenobi's doing it with Master Jinn."

"What?" She turned to look at Obi Wan who was now blushing furiously. "Since when?"

"I'll tell you later," Obi Wan said quietly.

"There better be details."

"There will be."

"If Master Jinn can tell people, why shouldn't you, hey Kenobi?" another padawan asked.

Bant gave Obi Wan a questioning look. "Qui Gon told the Humanoid Sexual Techniques class."


"It kinda came up."

"From what I've heard about those classes other things probably did too," said the apprentice seated to Bant's left.

The table erupted in laughter, but Obi Wan didn't notice. Qui Gon had just entered, carrying Yoda on his shoulders. His eyes met Obi Wan's and he winked. Obi Wan grinned at him.

What do you have to do this afternoon? Qui Gon asked.

I was supposed to attend a lecture on religious diversity by Master Rytaru, but she's been called away. My afternoon is completely free.

Mine as well, Padawan.

Meet you in our quarters. Obi Wan could not hide his excitement at the prospect of being alone with Qui Gon. Eat quickly, Master.

Qui Gon chuckled lightly in his mind. Don't worry, Obi Wan. I will.

"Oww." Qui Gon said as a gimmer stick struck him on the head.

"Food that way is. Flirt with Padawan later you can."

"Later, I have no intention of flirting with him."

"Good. Improve kissing technique you must. Lessons. you need, perhaps? Hmmm?"

"No, Master. I'm sure Obi Wan can help me with any needed improvements."

"Young, he is. Someone with experience, you need."

"No, Master. Absolutely not."

Yoda shrugged. "Blame the short, green troll for trying you cannot."

Qui Gon carried his master toward the serving area. Perhaps for once he had finally won.

Obi Wan bit back his laugh as he watched the gimmer stick come down on Qui Gon's head. He was half tempted to tell Master Yoda not to damage his lover. He needed him whole, not nursing a concussion. But thinking it over he came to the conclusion that it would be best for him not to interfere in Qui Gon's relationship with his former master.


"Yes," Obi Wan said, startled.

"Having a private conversation with your Master again? I heard all about them yesterday," Ragen said.

Obi Wan gave him a steady look. "It does seem that you spent more time listening to the students' gossip then you did teaching them."

Ragen shrugged. "It's not my fault the two of you gave them so much to talk about."

"I suppose we did." Obi Wan realized his eyes were again focused on the Masters' table. Qui Gon noticed and smiled at him.

Bant followed his gaze, saw the smile. "Are you two like that in class?"

"Like what?"

"Unable to take your eyes off of each other."

"Qui Gon and I can take our eyes off of each other." He looked pointedly at Bant. "In fact to demonstrate how easily I can keep my eyes off of him, I'm going to leave."

He rose and headed to the wall where the tray return was located. He was only a few steps away, when he was asked, "What are you doing this afternoon?"

"I'm studying."

"Uh, huh." There was no masking the disbelief in Bant's voice.

He turned around. "I'm sorry, Bant. Let's get together tomorrow, okay?"

She smiled, her understanding clear. "Sure."

He smiled broadly. "Thanks. You really are a great friend."

From the corner of his eye, he saw Qui Gon's smile broaden as he watched Obi Wan leave. Ten minutes later, he followed his apprentice. He did not escape the Dining Hall unscathed, however.

"Qui Gon," Yoda called after him. "Practice kissing you should. Ask Obi Wan if you have improved I will."

Qui Gon did not acknowledge the little green troll. He just increased his pace.

Immediately upon entering their quarters Qui Gon found himself pushed back against the door being kissed hungrily by his apprentice.

Anxious, are we? he asked along their link, speaking aloud being quite impossible with Obi Wan's tongue in his mouth.

I spent almost the entire time you were with the Council last night thinking about what we would do when you got back. Obi Wan kept his mouth glued to Qui Gon's as he pulled on his master's tunic.

And now you want to do it all.

Don't you? Obi Wan slid his hands into the opened tunic.

Qui Gon didn't answer. Instead he undid his apprentice's belt and let it fall to the floor.

They were a jumble of seeking hands and disordered clothing. Bodies pushing hard into each other. Hungry kisses becoming frantic.

Qui Gon finally tore his lips away from Obi Wan's and pulled the young man into an embrace, holding him tightly. Obi Wan understood. He, too, wanted to regain a measure of control, to let some of the desperate need and frantic lust ebb away. He rested his head on Qui Gon's shoulder, listening to the pounding of his master's heart. After several long minutes, he looked up.

Long, callused fingers touched his cheek. "I love you."

The words sent a shock through his body. One that went straight to his cock. "Qui Gon." He kissed his master softly. "My Qui Gon." Another soft kiss. "I love you, too." The kiss which followed was deep, quiet, and filled with passion. As soon as it ended Qui Gon scooped Obi Wan up in his arms and carried him to what he now thought of as their bed.

Lying Obi Wan gently on the bed, he kicked off his boots. Obi Wan, he noted with approval, had already removed his. Obi Wan watched him as he removed his clothing. The broad shoulders and powerful arms, the chest that led to a surprisingly narrow waist and hips, the large cock pointing straight out from his master's body, Obi Wan drank it all in. His eyes roved over Qui Gon and his master stood still, allowing him this. His attention was drawn back to his master's cock. He made Qui Gon like that. Qui Gon was hard for him. Qui Gon wanted him.

Sitting up, he moved to edge of the bed and reached for Qui Gon. His master stepped toward him and Obi Wan immediately wrapped his lips around Qui Gon's penis. Taking Qui Gon's buttocks into his hands he moved onto his knees. It felt so good, the hard flesh in his mouth. Tasted so good. He sucked, moving his mouth up and down. His tongue curled around the underside of Qui Gon's cock. He used his hands to move Qui Gon's hips in time with his rhythm.

He felt Qui Gon's hands on his head, trying to pull him up.

"Obi Wan," Qui Gon could barely say the words.

No, he answered. I won't stop.

Please, Obi Wan.

Let me love you, Qui Gon. Let me taste you. Come for me.

Qui Gon groaned. "Obi Wan." His hands tightened their grip on Obi Wan. It was too much. Obi Wan's mouth wouldn't let him hide, wouldn't let him hold back. He couldn't do this. He couldn't…"Yes, oh force, yes."

The position didn't really allow Obi Wan to take his master's full length into his mouth, but he managed. All of his concentration was focused on the man before him, on the flesh in his mouth. He pushed Qui Gon, each caress arriving just before Qui Gon realized he wanted it. Every stroke slightly harder, deeper and faster than the one before it.

Qui Gon had long since ceased any attempts at communication. Some part of his mind was aware that he was groaning, but the rest of it had shut down. He had given in, given himself over to the young man kneeling in front of him. The one person he truly trusted. Qui Gon looked down, his mind swimming at what he saw. Obi Wan was so beautiful. The expression on his face tore at Qui Gon. He had never seen such need, such raw desire in anyone's face before. And it was for him. Obi Wan felt this way about him. The realization was too much for Qui Gon. He came, calling out Obi Wan's name. That sound combined with the sensation of Qui Gon coming in his mouth to send Obi Wan over the edge as well. He swallowed rapidly as his own semen spurted into his leggings.

Qui Gon began to drop toward the floor. Obi Wan stood and caught his master, easing him onto the bed. Qui Gon pulled Obi Wan on top of him, holding him close and burying his face in the juncture of Obi Wan's neck and shoulder.

"Qui Gon?"

"I'm fine." He smiled up at the man in his arms. "For someone who's only done it on a real person once before, you're remarkably good at that."

Obi Wan let out a soft chuckle. "Thank you, Master." His expression became more serious. "I just wanted to show you how I felt."

Qui Gon let his head sink further into the bed. "You succeeded."

Obi Wan rested his head on Qui Gon's chest. Qui Gon's hands moved gently over his hair. "Master."


"You don't usually let go like that do you? Even during orgasm you usually keep some control."

Qui Gon was more than a little discomfited. Obi Wan knew him far too well.


"But you let go with me."

"Yes, Obi Wan, I do."


"Because I trust you more than anyone else I have ever known."

"Thank you for honoring me with your trust, Qui Gon."

"You've earned it, my love. No thanks are necessary."

"Can I thank you for loving me?"

"I don't think I've actually gotten much of a chance to yet. At least not this afternoon."

Obi Wan lifted his head and looked at his master. "That can be remedied."

"Not until you remove those damp leggings it can't."

"You're the reason they're damp."

"I know." Qui Gon sounded very pleased with himself. "I've never known anyone who could come from performing fellatio before." A thought suddenly occurred to him, "You didn't come with the dildos did you?"

Obi Wan laughed. "No, Master. Only with you." At least when I was blowing them, he thought to himself.

"That's a relief."

Still laughing, Obi Wan slid from the bed. It took only a few moments for him to strip and then he was sliding into the bed next to Qui Gon, pressing himself against Qui Gon's side. His cock was half hard against the outside of Qui Gon's thigh.

Qui Gon rolled over and kissed him. A long languid kiss that became more arousing with every passing second.

Shall we try anal intercourse this time? Obi Wan asked.

If that is what you wish, but more of this first. Qui Gon deepened the kiss still further, a hand moving easily along Obi Wan's torso. Obi Wan responded in kind. They lay together on the bed, facing each other, kissing and stroking, allowing the desire to build slowly. Fingers moved casually across ribs. Nipples were teased, then tweaked. Smooth skin was savored. One kiss melted into another and then another. Pleasure given and received in equal measure until Obi Wan was trembling.

"Qui Gon." The words came out in a long shuddering gasp as Qui Gon's lips brushed against that spot just beneath his ear.

"Yes, love?" Qui Gon murmured against his skin.

"I want you."

"You have me." Qui Gon answered between nibbles.

"Inside me."

"Are you sure?" Qui Gon pulled back to gaze into his face.

"I am."

"It's something we might want to build up to. We don't have to do everything at once you know."

"I'm aware of that, Qui Gon." Obi Wan's hand trailed slowly down his master's torso to take hold of his cock. "I'm also aware of exactly what I'm asking for. I am the instructor for Humanoid Sexual Techniques after all."

Qui Gon chuckled mildly. "You are at that. All right. Where is that box?"

"In my room."

Qui Gon rose from the bed. "I'll be back in a moment." Leaning over he gave Obi Wan a brief kiss before leaving the room.

Obi Wan just lay back and enjoyed the sight of Qui Gon's naked backside as he walked away.

He returned as quickly as promised. "I think you were right. All of the lube on Coruscant is in that box."

"Along with a few other things." Obi Wan laughed.

Qui Gon knelt on the bed next to his apprentice. "Some of them are quite interesting."

"Perhaps later." Obi Wan sat up and kissed him thoroughly. There is something else I want at the moment.

You are nothing if not persistent.

I learned from the best. Pulling back he rolled over onto his stomach. "Now fuck me, Qui Gon."

Qui Gon laughed.

Obi Wan looked at him over his shoulder. "What?"

"Nothing." Qui Gon moved to settle between his legs, still chuckling.

"My ass isn't that funny, is it?"

"No, Padawan. It isn't funny at all. In fact it's very nice."



"Better, but it makes me sound like a pastry."

"How about enticing then?"

"Enticing. I like that."

"Very well. Your ass is quite enticing, Obi Wan."

"Why thank you, Master." He wiggled the part in question as he spoke.

Laughing, Qui Gon leaned forward and rested his forehead on the small of Obi Wan's back, his shoulders shaking.

Obi Wan rolled over. Qui Gon's forehead was now pressed into his abdomen, just above his groin. "You really are trying to avoid fucking me," Obi Wan sighed.

Qui Gon took several deep breaths, gaining some measure of control. "Not at all. I've actually imagined doing precisely that on more than one occasion. It's just that we're both being a little ridiculous."



"So you've imagined fucking me." There was a twinkle in Obi Wan's eyes which made Qui Gon leery.

"Yes," he said cautiously.

"I've imagined it too. Imagined what it would feel like to have you in me. To be so intimately connected to you. To feel you come inside of me."

Mirth suddenly gone, Qui Gon slid a hand along the inside of his padawan's thigh, moving upward. Obi Wan spread his legs farther apart, inviting further exploration. Qui Gon flipped up the cover on the lube and squirted some onto his fingertips. Gazing into his lover's face he brought his fingertips to Obi Wan's entrance. He circled the area with one finger. Then he pushed it slowly inward. There was some resistance as Obi Wan's sphincter muscles closed around the intruding digit. He felt Obi Wan relax the muscles in question. Then he lifted his legs, bending them at the knee and pressing his feet into the mattress.

Obi Wan gasped as Qui Gon's finger brushed his prostate. Qui Gon smiled and then withdrew his finger, replacing it with one with more lubricant. This time the entrance went more smoothly. Qui Gon began to slide the finger in and out. After several minutes he withdrew his finger and applied more lubricant. He pushed both fingers inside of Obi Wan, turning them slowly, encouraging the muscles to relax.

Obi Wan was breathing hard. Qui Gon leaned forward and sucked gently on one of Obi Wan's nipples. Obi Wan gasped at the unexpected contact.

"Qui Gon, now, please."

Releasing Obi Wan's nipple he sat up. "It'll be easier if you're on your hands and knees," Qui Gon said gently, as he withdrew his fingers.

Obi Wan sat up and kissed him. A quiet, tender kiss that caused Qui Gon's breath to catch in his throat and his half hard cock to once again become fully erect.

A sensuous smile and Obi Wan turned over. He rested his weight on his forearms.

Qui Gon covered his own cock with the lubricant, then moved to kneel behind Obi Wan. Leaning forward he kissed Obi Wan's back. Straightening, he positioned himself and pushed slowly forward. Obi Wan's body resisted him and he forced himself to push harder. Then the head was past the ring of muscles guarding the entrance to his apprentice's body.

Obi Wan was trembling, his hands grasping the sheets convulsively. "Qui Gon," he groaned, a sound that seemed to come from deep within him.

Qui Gon began to pull back, cursing himself for having tried this.

"Don't. Stay inside."

"I won't hurt you."

"Not hurting. Just intense." The words were more gasped than spoken.

Needing reassurance, Qui Gon reached along their link. Obi Wan truly was not in pain, but he wasn't exactly comfortable either.

He felt Obi Wan reach for the force. Relaxing the stretched muscles, he began to push back onto Qui Gon.

"Obi Wan," Qui Gon groaned.

Pushing back as far as he could, Obi Wan managed to take half of his master's cock inside him. Qui Gon stroked his back, simply enjoying the sensation of Obi Wan surrounding him.

Then Obi Wan began to move. Qui Gon reached around to take hold of Obi Wan's cock. They rocked together gently. Obi Wan calling out as Qui Gon found the angle which caused his cock to brush along Obi Wan's prostate.

Love for his apprentice washed through him. Qui Gon had never experienced love making this tender. He felt the telltale tightening in his balls. Then he was coming. There was no explosion, just an incredible sense of tension releasing, and himself spurting helplessly into the man beneath him. He felt Obi Wan trembling as his come spurted over Qui Gon's hand.

As their breathing evened out, Qui Gon wrapped his arms around Obi Wan and eased them both onto their sides. He held tightly to Obi Wan savoring the feel of his skin against Qui Gon's and inhaling the familiar scent of Obi Wan mingled with the distinctive tang of sex.

His penis softened and he pulled out of Obi Wan with a soft pop. Obi Wan chuckled at the sound, turning over to face Qui Gon.

"I told you we could do it."

"I was wrong to ever have doubted you."

"Nice to share something that was a first for both of us."

Qui Gon smiled, "Yes." He was looking at Obi Wan with a mixture of wonder and adoration on his face. While pleasing, the look was still a little disconcerting.

"You look…" Obi Wan's voice trailed off as he failed to find the words.

"Like a man who has found something he's waited his entire life for."

Obi Wan grinned. "Something like that." Obi Wan settled against him.

"Perhaps before you get too comfortable we should move so that our heads are on the pillows," Qui Gon suggested.

"And then I can get off of the wet spot."

They resettled with Qui Gon's head on a pillow and Obi Wan's on his master's shoulder. As Qui Gon settled the blankets around them, Obi Wan asked, "Why do I get the feeling I'll be doing a lot more laundry?"

His master chuckled. "I'll help."

"Thank you."

"Least I can do considering my role in creating the extra laundry."

They were quiet for several long moments before Obi Wan said, "I never thought I would be grateful for being assigned to teach Humanoid Sexual Techniques."

Another low chuckle from his master. "I'm sure this would have happened eventually."

"Yes, but just think how much more prepared for it I was."

"True, if not for the class, I would have been supplying the lubricant."

"We should probably replace the one we used."

"Hmmm." Qui Gon pressed his cheek against the top of Obi Wan's head. "Speaking of the class, what is tomorrow's class about?"



Obi Wan sighed. "Yes, really."

"We'll need to do some preparing after dinner then."

"A wise suggestion, Master. Sleep now, Qui Gon. I know you didn't get much rest last night and I'm sure you'll need it."

"Is that a promise, Padawan?"


"Oh, good." Then Qui Gon was fast asleep. Obi Wan soon followed him.