Carson Kearns

This is the home of "Lost in the Loving," Carson's exploration of Duncan and Methos' relationship in the years during and after the series.

Worlds Without Boundaries

This is the home of Destina Fortunato. Destina started writing slash with TPM, but she has branched out considerably. You'll find Sentinel, Highlander, Stargate, and Angel as well.

Elyn's Principality of Whimsy

Elyn would be here if the only story she had ever written was "Hope Chest." Fortunately, it isn't. Go, read, enjoy.

Highlander Fifteen Minute Fiction Challenge

Carson Kearns has been spearheading an effort to get a small group of us writing more Highlander fic. It's resulted in some wonderful stories. Go, read, enjoy.

hafital's fan fiction paradise

hafital has just started writing Highlander fic, and we are all so glad she did.

the grrrl's fan fiction

As many of you know, I've been sucked into Stargate SG-1. Grrrl writes some of the best Jack/Daniel out there.

The House of Slack

This is the home of Zenandnancy's fic. If that weren't enough to bring you there, they also sponsor a "Homeless Shelter and Soup Kitchen" for homeless fic writers. Among the writers they've given a home are Aristide/Mairead Triste and Bone.

Kamil's Melifluous Malefactions

Where would the Highlander slash world be without Kamil's recs page? In addition to her recs page, she hosts several authors and has her own page of stories. You can also subscribe to the Duncanslash mailing list from here.

Keelywolfe's Fanfiction Shoppe

Keely is another of those authors I discovered in my Phantom Menace days. She's since found other fandoms, including Gundam Wing, but it is her Harry Potter stuff that I truly enjoy.

Killa's Adventures in Melodrama

I've read Killa's HL stories so frequently I think I may have memorized them. In additon, she's written some wonderful ST:TOS fic. I particularly enjoy her take on Kirk. Moreover, she hosts Illuferret's page, so you get two terrific writers with just one mouse click.

MacGeorge's Madness

I could say endless glowing things about MacGeorge's writing, but one of the things I enjoy most about her stories are the ideas they contain. She's thought about more than how beautiful Duncan and Methos look together naked, although that's there, too.

Marguerite Muguet

Marguerite has written my favorite HL play, "No Further Than Your Nose." Duncan's bi. Will his friends accept it?

Rachael Sabotini's House of Fan Fic

Rachael is a skilled writer whose HL stories I turn to again and again. And each time I enjoy it as much as I did the first time.

Blood, Love, and Rhetoric

Here is where you will find Sleeps with Coyote's fic. And if you haven't read "Still Heart," what are you doing wasting time here?

The Slum

Suze and Luminosity reside here. Need I say more?

Archives and lists

Methos Boxer Brigade

One word: Taselby. This is where you will find Taselby's writings, as well as the work of other authors she has chosen to archive.

Futures Without End

FWE is the Highlander 'zine and this is its home. Go here to read the stories from volumes 2-4, find links to the stories from volume one, and send your thanks to the editors.

The ROG List

This is the home page for the Really Old Guy mailing list, started by Maygra and now under the stewardship of Suze and Kady Mae.

Seventh Dimension

If you're a regular reader of HL fic, then you probably know all about this archive. It is the premier archive for Highlander fic on the net, including gen, het, and slash all in one place.


Many of the links listed here are to slashcity sites, and for good reason. Slashcity hosts many, many authors in a wide variety of fandoms.

Master and Apprentice

The archive for Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan fic and the place where I first discovered slash.

The Fan Fiction Directory

An uptodate listing of fan fiction sites. Invaluable and much appreciated.

Area 52

This is the main slash archive for Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis.

Nonfandom sites


Political analysis with a decidedly left leaning slant. Where I start my day.

Bi the Way

A solid collection of information, articles, and links about bisexuality, as well as the source of the graphics used on this site. There are also links to queer oriented search engines.

This is Tristan Taormino's site. She's the current editor of On Our Backs and the Best of Lesbian Erotica series. She's also written books on sexuality, with an emphasis on anal sex. Her site is a good source of information.

A great place to indulge your inner dyke, butch or femme.


Exactly what its title promises. Photos and wallpapers of men, many of them in compromising positions.

The Society for Human Sexuality

Another good source for information. Numerous articles on a variety of topics.

The Erotica Readers and Writers Association

Articles on writing sex, links to publishers, and book recommendations.

Red Right

People in slash fandom often talk about a dearth of fisting stories. Well, here you go. Stories and FAQs.

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