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Eyes Snippet 1


Title: Eyes Snippet 1

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Highlander

Category: Slash

Pairing: Duncan/Methos

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC-17

Notes: Thank you to Solo for the beta, and to Kamil, just because.

"Duncan, what are you doing?" Methos asked, arousal softening his voice.

Duncan could have sworn that was obvious, so he ignored the question, and continued with his current activity—mapping the small of Methos' back with his lips and tongue. Turning his head, he brushed stubble across the smooth skin just above the swell of Methos' buttocks, and then soothed the skin with his lips. He'd discovered the attractions of Methos' back in the shower that morning. He had been washing it with soap-covered hands, and he couldn't help but notice how smooth the skin was, how strong the muscles were. Methos' back had somehow seemed to represent everything about Methos that Duncan found irresistible. It was solid and slippery all at the same time. Of course, the slipperiness might have been caused by the soap.

Duncan had gotten Methos out of the shower and onto the bed then he had set about systematically mapping every inch of that back. He'd begun with Methos' neck, kissing the back of it, his hands stroking Methos' shoulders, and then he'd eased his way lower, tasting the skin between Methos' shoulder blades while his fingertips explored their outlines. He'd touched the surprisingly sensitive skin of Methos' sides with his hands, his palm curving onto Methos' back, and then he'd covered the same territory with his lips. Methos had shuddered when Duncan nipped playfully at his waist, and Duncan had lingered there, taking his time in getting to his current location.

Everything about Methos' back had seemed to point right to this spot, and Duncan had been more than willing to be led there. He kissed, and sucked, and touched, loving the way Methos' buttocks pressed into his chest as he did so.

"Duncan, lower, please."

Lower. Duncan hesitated. He'd spent a great deal of time on lower locations when they were in the shower, and he vaguely remembered thinking that he wanted to taste them, but the skin here was so delicious. Then again Methos had asked, and Duncan prided himself on being a considerate lover.

He edged lower, staring down at the rounded mounds being offered up for his delectation. They were firm and yet somehow delicate. He was struck once again by how vulnerable the entrance to a person's body was. Duncan ran his fingertips along Methos' cleft, and Methos sighed, parting his legs still further.

Lifting Methos hips into the air, he pressed his tongue to the skin between Methos' balls and anus. He pulled his tongue upward, letting it connect with the wrinkled skin at Methos' entrance for just a moment before withdrawing it. He repeated the caress, lingering just a moment longer this time. Again and again he did the same thing, waiting until Methos asked for more. He didn't have to wait long.


The vulnerability in Methos' voice made his heart race. How had he never noticed it before? The way that voice could just slide over and through you?

He pushed inside this time. His tongue formed a 'u' as it slid past the muscle guarding Methos' body. He withdrew partway, and then pushed inward again. Methos shuddered.

"Talk to me, Methos. Tell me what you feel." Desire coarsened his voice, making it something Duncan barely recognized.

"You, Duncan, I feel you. Tasting me, caressing me."

Duncan resumed his stroking, and Methos gasped.

"God, Duncan, only you would have a strong tongue."

The words amused him, but Duncan couldn't smile, not with his tongue as deep inside Methos' ass as he could get it. There wasn't much room for movement, but Duncan flicked at the smooth walls surrounding him as best he could. Methos cried out his name in response.

He had to have more of that voice, filled with lust and need, for him. "Methos, if I fuck you, will you talk to me? Tell me what you're feeling?"


Duncan moved from between Methos' legs, resting on his hip beside Methos. He cupped a hand around Methos' shoulder and pulled him onto his side as well, his back to Duncan. Methos turned his head, and Duncan kissed him. It was hungry. How could it not be? Every time he and Methos were together he only seemed to want him more. But there was tenderness, too, and Duncan couldn't get enough of it. He drank in everything Methos offered him, and went back for more.

Methos' hand on his chest pushed him gently back. "Fuck me, Duncan."

He could do that. He wanted to do that. Hell, if he didn't he was pretty convinced he'd explode. He rolled onto his back, and fumbled in the drawer of the nightstand on the far side of the bed for some lube. His hand closed around a small jar, and he pulled it out. It took only a moment to flip back the top and pour a small puddle into the palm of his hand. It was probably more than he needed, but so what? He stroked his cock twice, keenly aware of Methos' eyes on him. He raised his eyes, and their gazes locked.

"Do you have any idea how hot you make me?" Methos said it quietly, his voice providing more evidence of his arousal than his words.

"Show me."

Methos shifted so that he was back on his side, and raised his upper leg. Duncan moved into position behind him. He placed the head of his cock at Methos' entrance and a hand on Methos' hip. Methos pushed back at the same moment he pushed forward. Groaning, Duncan slid partway inside.

He paused, but he didn't pull back. Instead, he continued to press his hips forward, sliding deeper into Methos' smooth softness. Almost fully inside, he wrapped an arm around Methos' waist, pressing his chest against Methos' back. His mouth was against Methos' neck, and Duncan felt he should kiss him, but there were too many sensations overwhelming him as it was.


That voice. "Methos."

"I feel you, opening me, taking me."

Oh, God.

"It's insistent, Duncan, your cock. But I want it to insist. I want you to insist."

It wasn't really a position for vigorous thrusting, but Duncan did his best, pushing his cock forward and pulling Methos' hips toward him. Methos' whole body seemed to shift further into his. Duncan pulled his hips back, just an inch or so, and then eased them forward. His cock slid over Methos' flesh, a caress both given and received.

"I feel open to you, so open."

"You are," Duncan answered, "You are." He was starting to lose touch with everything except the sensations created by the interaction between his cock and Methos' ass. He tightened his grip on Methos, needing to feel the other man's strength. There was something about his strength that made his surrender all the sweeter.

"I need your hand on my cock, Duncan, please."

He responded immediately, hand closing around Methos erection. It filled his hand, so hard, so incredibly hard. He stroked it slowly, but firmly. There was none of the gentleness in his hand that there was in his cock.

Methos groaned.

The sound was enough to start his own orgasm, and he jerked frantically on Methos' cock, wanting Methos to come with him, but Methos' hand closed over his own, stopping him. Unable to hold back, he came, his entire body jerking as he filled Methos' ass.

It was over, and he pressed his forehead against Methos' back, just below his neck.

"Okay?" Methos asked.

"Hmmm." He lifted his head and kissed the place he'd been resting against. "Can I touch you, now?"


Duncan resumed stroking, his touch light, almost teasing.


It was a protest, and he firmed up his grip in answer, moving his hand up and down Methos' length.

"I think I could get addicted to your hands. Strength and gentleness all mixed together."

Duncan warmed at the thought. He wanted Methos addicted to him, as addicted to him as he was becoming to Methos. "Come for me, Methos."

Methos trembled in his arms, and fluid pulsed from his body onto the sheets, and, Duncan suspected, the floor. When the trembling subsided he ran his fingers over the top of Methos' cock, covering them in fluid, then he raised them to his lips.

Methos shifted onto his back. He was smiling, and he shook his head slightly.


"Nothing. I was just wondering what your next fixation was going to be."

"My next fixation?"

"The first time you wouldn't let go of my thighs, last night you sucked my nipples until they were raw, and today it was my back. I was just wondering what was next."

"I don't know yet." Duncan paused. He should've felt exposed and uncomfortable, but he didn't. "Do you have a preference?"

"Well, I wouldn't object if it was the taste of my come."

Duncan chuckled. "I'm sure you wouldn't."