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The Cookie Story

The Cookie Story 1 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 41 kb

Duncan paused as he raised his hand to knock on the door.

The Cookie Story 2 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 30 kb

Joe Dawson's hands halted on his guitar strings, and he looked up.

The Cookie Story 3 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 29 kb

Methos had turned over during the night, and Duncan woke to find Methos' back against his chest; he was holding his lover securely against him.

The Cookie Story 4 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 18 kb

Edward slid the shelf from the beehive, now clean of honey, back into place, and turned to face his visitors.

The Cookie Story 5 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 16 kb

Jane clicked on the 'x,' closing Adam Pierson's report on Methos in first century Rome.

The Cookie Story 6 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 22 kb

"Are you sure you want me to pack the dishes?" Methos asked from the kitchen. Even though the closing date wasn't for two more weeks Duncan had decided to begin packing up the loft.

The Cookie Story 7 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 32 kb

"Andrea, Dan, how was your trip?" Duncan asked, stepping back from the door and ushering them inside.

The Cookie Story 8 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 26 kb

Duncan walked around the loft. It was empty now, stripped of everything which had made it his.

The Cookie Story 9 .:. Duncan/Methos .:. NC-17 .:. 34 kb

Duncan rubbed at his eyes while the man across from them sketched.

AN: Takes place almost a year after TB/NTB. Duncan returns to Seacouver to tie up a few loose ends. As always, I am indebted to Kamil for handholding, criticism, and adding in the commas. If you find one that shouldn't be there, she's the one to whap. She's been very patient for the almost nine months I've been working on this one. At one point she read through four drafts of a scene, only to have me change the plot and toss it out completely. And y'all thought she had no patience. Thank you, hon, for everything. I also owe a nod of thanks to Gena, Marguerite, and Olympia, all of whom provided encouragement and criticism at various points. Lastly, I need to thank the SO. He helped develop the OCs, added bits of dialogue, and made a crucial suggestion, or two. He also listened to me babble on about the damn thing incessantly. I need to add an additional thank you to Taselby, who has taken on beta chores for this story, along with Kamil. Thank you. With Chapter 7, Solo much needed criticism and grammatical correction.