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Title: Wordless

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Atlantis

Archive: Ask first

Pairing: John/Rodney

Rating: NC17

AN: I wrote this for Grrrl as a little pick me up.

Rodney groaned and pushed backward with his hips, trying to get more of John's fingers inside him. Rodney had never imagined that he'd crave the feel of another man's fingers in his ass, but he did. He craved John's touch. Craved John opening him up, reaching inside him.

Lying on his side with John pressed up against his back, Rodney could feel John's erection resting against the small of his back, and John's breath ghosted across the side of his neck.

"I want to fuck you," John said, voice low and rough.

Rodney groaned again. He'd known this was coming, that John wanted to fuck him. At first he'd tried not to think about it, but then he couldn't not think about it, and now he just wanted it. "Please."

Light, almost not there, kisses along the side of his neck, and then John whispered, "I'll make you feel good, I promise."

The pure sex in his voice sent a shudder through Rodney. "Just fuck me" After a moment he added a second, "Please."

John pressed another kiss to the base of his neck, firmer this time. "Okay." John brushed Rodney's prostate with his fingers before gently withdrawing them. Rodney heard the cover on the lube snap open and he was tempted to turn around, to watch John coat his cock, make it slick and shiny, so he could press into Rodney.

Rodney could feel John shifting around behind him, sliding lower and pressing his chest to Rodney's back. Then he felt something wide and blunt touch his opening. "It'll probably burn at first. I'm going to go slow, but tell me if you need me to stop."

Swallowing, Rodney nodded.

"Promise me," John said.

"Promise." Rodney was fairly certain that the voice which answered John wasn't his.

One hand clutching Rodney's hip, John pushed in. Rodney had to resist the urge to pull away. John felt huge. Rodney knew he wasn't. He'd had John's cock in his mouth and his hand. He was intimately familiar with its weight and dimensions. It was a nice cock, solid and pleasing, but it wasn't huge, just average. That was okay with Rodney, since he and John both enjoyed it exactly the way it was, but now it felt huge. It was huge and it was forcing him open.

"Okay?" John asked.

You're ripping me open with your cock, but I'm fine, Rodney wanted to say, but he didn't, because then John would stop and Rodney didn't want him to stop. "Yes." His voice was strained.

John's hand left his hip to stroke his side and then down across his chest. John brushed Rodney's nipple with his fingertips and Rodney drew in a breath. "Good," he whispered, "I'm going to make you feel good."

"I know," Rodney whispered back. John wasn't pushing forward anymore and Rodney felt like he could breathe again. He looked down as John's hand moved down his abdomen toward his cock. He'd softened a little, but when John touched him, he hardened again, almost as though his cock was reaching for John's touch.

John's touch was too light and too slow, and John knew it. Part of him wanted to say something, but the other part just wanted to lay there with John's cock partway into his ass and John touching him too lightly, and let John do whatever he wanted.

John nipped lightly at the place where Rodney's neck curved into his shoulder and a small shudder went through Rodney. "That's it," John said, voice low and full of dirty promise. "Let me do this for you. Let me make you feel good."

Rodney swallowed against the sudden tightness in his throat. "Anything," he finally managed to whisper.

His hand still lightly stroking Rodney's cock, John placed a series of slow, sucking kisses along Rodney's neck, before nibbling lightly on his earlobe.

Letting go of his cock, John cupped Rodney's balls in his hand, rubbing gently with his thumb. "So soft and warm," John whispered, "love the way they feel in my hand."

Rodney would have pointed out that John's scrotum was soft and warm too, but John knew that. It was his scrotum, and Rodney had watched him touch it, so he had to know.

John let go of his scrotum and traced Rodney's opening with his fingertips. "I can feel myself, the way I'm stretching you, the way you're letting me in. You feel so good inside, warm and smooth."

No one had ever talked to Rodney during sex the way John did. It turned him on and stripped him bare, and Rodney never knew how to answer. "I want you to feel good," he admitted.

"I know," John said in a voice rich with affection. He moved his hand away. "Touch."

Rodney didn't have to ask where. He pressed his hand between his legs, brushing his fingertips against John's cock, just above where John was pressing into him. John groaned, and Rodney shuddered.

"Feel lower," John whispered, "feel where we're joined."

Moving his fingers down John's shaft, Rodney felt it, felt his skin stretching around John's cock. Somehow that made it more real, more erotic than the feel of John pushing into him had.

It made him want all over again. He pushed back, feeling John slide deeper into him. He felt it inside and he felt it with his fingers.

"God, Rodney."

"I want to feel you fuck me. I want to feel you moving inside me."

John's hand clutched his hip again, and Rodney felt him pull back a little and then he pushed forward again. Rodney's fingers were still on the place where their bodies met.

The next time John drew back, Rodney bent forward slightly at the waist, moving away from the warmth of John's back, but the angle was better and John slid a little deeper when he pushed back in.

The next thrust took John still deeper. John was opening him up with slow, steady thrusts, trying to make it good for Rodney. But it didn't feel like he was restraining himself. It felt like this was what he wanted to do, like he wanted to make love to Rodney with his cock.

It felt good, John's cock sliding over sensitive skin, filling him up, brushing his prostate and making him whimper. But it was John's caring that was undoing him, making him shake. Part of Rodney wanted to ask John to stop, or to turn him onto his stomach and fuck him, but whenever Rodney opened his mouth all that came out were small, desperate sounds.

John pushed deep inside him and stopped, resting his forehead against Rodney's back.


"I want to feel you come." John sounded close, aroused and shaky. "Touch yourself for me, please."

Rodney took his cock in hand without thinking. Strong, firm strokes that would bring him off, that would let John feel him come.

John moved his hips, tiny movements that brushed Rodney's prostate, left him open and wanting, and made him push backwards with his hips, stroking himself just a little bit harder.

He came hard, his whole body shaking with the force of it. John shifted, curling around him and holding him close. Rodney could feel his muscles contracting around John's cock, and the knowledge that John was in him, that John was feeling him come, just made it more intense. He was panting when it ended, panting and drained, and grateful for the feel of John's body pressed against his.

"Jesus, Rodney," John whispered.

"Fuck me, now. Please, just fuck me."

"Okay, okay," John panted. "Can you shift onto your stomach?"

Rodney straightened from the semi-fetal position he'd curled into and together they rolled forward, with John's cock only sliding partway out of him. Rodney spread his legs, and pulled the pillow down so he could rest his head on it, hands clutching at its softness.

John began to move in and out of him with long, steady strokes. Even though John was resting his weight on his hands, Rodney felt like he could feel John's whole body move. John's cock was moving easily inside him, sliding back and forth in a way that was oddly pleasurable, but not very intense. Rodney wondered what it would have felt like if he hadn't already come.

He wanted to see John and tried to picture him, the expression on his face, the way his body would look as he fucked Rodney.

John's strokes shortened and then he went completely still. A moment later he groaned and Rodney felt his cock pulse, felt John come. John's fluid was warm and Rodney wondered what John would say if he stuck his fingers up his ass afterwards just to feel it.

John pressed his face into the side of Rodney's neck, and Rodney felt him shudder hard. Then he went still. After a moment, he lowered himself onto Rodney's back. He was heavy but Rodney didn't complain, because he liked the way it felt. Reaching back, he rubbed John's ass with his hand.

"You're incredible," John whispered. "Sex with you, is just…" John's words trailed off. Rodney knew it was because John couldn't find the words. He couldn't find them either. "I should pull out. You're going to be sore enough as it is."

Rodney didn't protest when John shifted onto his knees and carefully withdrew his cock. As much as he liked the feel of John inside him, he was getting sore. Rolling onto his back, he looked up at John, who looked back at him with intent, serious eyes. Sliding one hand into his hair, Rodney pulled him into a kiss. "You're the best lover I've ever had," he admitted when they parted.

John smiled. "Yeah?"

Rodney snorted softly. "Yeah."

"So are you."

Rodney didn't say anything and John's eyes narrowed. "You don't believe me," John said. "Do you honestly think I'm like this with everyone?"

"Naked? You hadn't better be."

"You know what I mean." John settled onto his side next to Rodney, resting his head in his hand, and running the other hand up the center of Rodney's chest. "I'm not usually this open. I don't think I've ever been this open with anyone before."

"Me either," Rodney paused for a beat before adding, "literally."

John laughed softly and then kissed him, tender and sweet. When the kiss ended John slid his arm around Rodney's waist and rested his head on the edge of Rodney's pillow.

Rodney let out a contented breath, closed his eyes and went to sleep.