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Title: Unreason

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Atlantis

Archive: Ask first

Pairing: John/Rodney

Rating: NC17

AN: Thank you to Grrrl for the reassurance.

Rodney arches and John's teeth scrape his neck, moving downwards. Drawing in a shaky breath, Rodney lets his eyes fall shut.

This is sanity.

John is solid and strong against him, his smell filling Rodney all the way down to his cock, all heat and sex and just there, where he is supposed to be. Rodney whispers his name and John kisses him. Kisses him the way John always kisses him, like Rodney's mouth belongs on his. It's weirdly proprietary, in a way that has nothing to do with ownership and everything to do with faith.

Rodney didn't have much use for faith before Atlantis. He preferred reason. Now he clings to it the same way he clings to John's shoulders.

Slow kisses, a denial of the risk they're taking.

Their lives are nothing but risk now.

John draws back, his hands lightly cupping Rodney's head, his thumbs stroking Rodney's jaw, his gaze intent.

Rodney is John's sanity. His escape from responsibility and guilt, and that need to prove something to God only knows who. Rodney has his suspicions, but he never voices them.

There are better things for him to do with his mouth, and he sucks lightly on John's lower lip. John has the sexiest mouth Rodney has ever kissed. It's sexy when he smiles and when he frowns, and his smirk is enough to start blood flowing to Rodney's cock. But the sexiest thing about John's mouth is what he does with it, the way he tastes Rodney's skin, and teases Rodney's nipples. Sucks Rodney's cock.

Says Rodney's name.

Like he's saying it now. When John says his name, Rodney will give him anything he wants. Because when John says his name, Rodney can feel his need. John needs him, needs his touch, needs Rodney to let him in, to let him need.

John needs to lose himself in Rodney.

Fingers brush his opening and Rodney parts his legs. John's face is buried in his neck, and Rodney tightens his hold on John's shoulders.

Penetration. Fingers sliding into him and Rodney tilts his pelvis. Rodney's body knows John, knows his touch, and Rodney opens for him without thought, without effort.

John's body knows his, too, and John's lips find his mouth just as his fingers find the perfect place inside him.

Rodney whimpers. He doesn't care that it's undignified because this is John.

And John keeps him sane.