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Title: Still

Authors: chelle and The Grrrl

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Fandom: Atlantis

Category: Slash

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC-17

"Still," John says his voice soft and dark. "Can you keep still for me?"

Rodney nods, because he can do anything for John. He'd traveled to another galaxy, gone up against life-sucking aliens, and the most important discovery he'd made about himself was that he'd do anything for John Sheppard.

"Okay," John says, scraping the place beneath Rodney's ear with his teeth just hard enough to make Rodney shiver. His hands are entwined with Rodney's, holding Rodney's arms above his head, and he squeezes before letting go and sliding his hands down the inside of Rodney's arms. Rodney feels each finger as John's hands trail over him, John rising into a sitting position as his hands get lower.

He slides his fingers through the hair under Rodney's arms. It's one of those things Rodney still hasn't gotten used to, because armpits, ewww. But John makes it erotic somehow.

His hands slide lower, over Rodney's ribs. Rodney has ticklish ribs, but John's fingers never tickle, not even slightly.

John leans down again, his lips sliding along Rodney's collarbone. Rodney groans when he sucks, because John only said he had to keep still. He didn't say Rodney couldn't make noise. John keeps his hands in motion as he works his way downward, and when John's lips brush over his nipple Rodney gasps. He can feel it straight down into his cock. Already his balls are tight and his cock is heavy and aching and he wants to touch John, but John wants him to hold still so he does, balling his hands into tight fists.

"Please, John," he says, and his voice doesn't sound like his own, so low and desperate.

John glances up. "Rodney, I'm just getting started here," he explains patiently, and that both scares and thrills Rodney. His mouth closes over Rodney's nipple and he sucks lightly, with a just a hint of teeth.

"Oh god." Rodney can't help it, his knees draw up, legs sliding against John's hips. Delicious warm skin and he wants to touch John all over, but John pulls away, leaving his nipple wet and chilled.

"Rodney," he warns.

"Sorry." Rodney forces his legs back down. "Sorry."

"Okay," John says, leaning over Rodney. "Just don't do it again."

Rodney wants to tell him he's a bastard even for asking, but he can't, not with the way John's looking at him. "I won't," Rodney promises.

His lips hovering just above Rodney's ear, his chest pressing into Rodney's, warm and firm, John makes a promise, too. "I am going to make you feel so good. I'm going to touch you and taste you, and it's going to be so good. For both of us."

Rodney wants it all, wants everything John is promising. "I believe you."

"Good," John says and kisses him.

It's a soft, lush kiss and Rodney makes the most of it. John's mouth is wonderful thing, warm and playful. The kiss ends way too quickly, and Rodney lifts his head, trying to follow John's mouth. When John pulls back too far, Rodney huffs in disappointment and falls back to the mattress. John gives him that look.

Rodney suspects he's getting himself into all kinds of trouble.

John touches a finger to Rodney's lower lip, trailing his finger along it, and then presses a kiss to one corner. "You're not very good at this, are you?"

"At letting you make me crazy?" Rodney asked. "Yes, I am, I'm, uh, I'm very good at--oh, that's nice, that's really, really--."

John is kissing just below Rodney's ear, sucking on his skin.

Rodney stops talking and tilts his head back, completely forgetting that he's supposed to be still. He just manages to keep from lifting his hands to John's shoulders. He wants to reciprocate, wants to make John feel good, wants to show John just what it is John does to him.

John nibbling on his earlobe is almost enough to drive the thought from his head, but Rodney hangs onto it. John wants to see him. That's why John wants him to stay still, so he can concentrate on Rodney, can watch and touch without the distraction of Rodney's hands on him. Just the thought of it makes him feel exposed, but he wants it, wants to show John everything, all of him, because what John does to him is incredible. John is incredible.

"Now, where was I?" John murmurs. He sits back, head tilted to one side, eyeing Rodney's body.

Rodney wants him back. Now. "I believe you were touching me?" he says, in his most polite, helpful manner. "And kissing. There was definitely kissing involved."

"I think you might be right," John says. He's still looking Rodney over, nodding to himself.

Rodney feels more naked than ever, stretched out on the bed with John studying him intently--his chest, his stomach, his legs, everything. John's eyes linger on his cock. "Feel free to start anywhere," Rodney encourages, because his skin is burning with the need to be touched.

When John's fingers touch his thigh, he gasps.

It's too light. John's touch has never been too light, but this is, and John knows it. Rodney can see it in the upturned corner of John's lips. "I like your legs," John says casually.

"They're thick."

"Something about you had to be."

At first Rodney thinks it's a compliment, a nod to his superior intelligence, but then that superior intelligence catches on. "Very funny."

John smiles at him, looking almost like a boy, a very naughty, whiskery, mischievous boy. He slides his fingers upward, tracing the crease between Rodney's leg and groin casually, as if daring Rodney to ask for more.

Rodney holds his breath and keeps very, very still but his cock twitches distinctively.

John raises his brows.

"I can't help that," Rodney explains.

John bends down and presses the lightest of kisses to Rodney's cock, just a brush of his lips and Rodney's nerve endings sizzle, he feels it everywhere, just that one little kiss. His cock is completely hard and Rodney wants nothing more than for John to slide his silky wet mouth over it.

But John doesn't suck on him. He merely gazes at Rodney's cock with great affection, as if he finds this wayward part of Rodney's body particularly endearing. He touches it with the tip of his finger, strokes the shaft, then glides his finger over the head and Rodney can feel the wetness spread, his cock is apparently leaking a bit of precome because John is making him so absolutely crazy and then John licks it off his finger and Rodney can only watch, open-mouthed and panting.

"You're trying to kill me," Rodney says, but he doesn't sound like he's complaining, his voice is too low, too needy for that.

John simply grins at him and slowly pulls his finger out of his mouth.

Rodney closes his eyes and thinks about moving.

The feel of John's hand sliding up along his side makes him open his eyes. His expression oddly soft, John moves his hand across Rodney's stomach. "I like your stomach, too."

Rodney can't imagine why, and some of his doubt must show in his face because John adds, "It's soft."

That it is.

"Cushiony," John says, and Rodney is about to leap to his stomach's defense when he realizes that John looks like he really does like it.


"It's not bathroom tissue," Rodney says.

John laughs. Then he squeezes Rodney's side. "But it's you." He runs his hand over Rodney's stomach, all the way down to the start of Rodney's pubic hair, and Rodney wants that warm, heavy hand to keep going, needs it to slide down over his cock, but instead John strokes back up over the curve of his belly.

"Not moving, not moving," Rodney singsongs to himself, muscles tensing. He watches John's arm, taking in the flex of biceps as John traces the outline of his navel. John's arms are nice, his naked chest looks delicious and Rodney wants to grab hold of those shoulders and push John down and rub against him, to push his cock inside and-- and "Not moving," he repeats silently, his voice pitched way up high.

John grins as if he knows exactly what Rodney is thinking. He bends down, rubbing his cheek on Rodney's stomach. "You're doing very good, Rodney."

"And what does it get me? Whisker burn."

John chuckles against Rodney's skin, kissing his way up Rodney's chest, and next thing Rodney knows, a rough cheek is rubbing against a nipple.

It's weird, but good, the feel of smooth skin and then the slight burn of whiskers, then smooth skin again. Weird and oddly affectionate. Rodney just manages to stop himself from burying his hand in John's hair. "You're very weird," he says softly.

John lifts his head, smiling at him again, and Rodney is pretty much happy to do anything that makes John smile like that. "You're just figuring that out?"

"The hero thing threw me."

John doesn't answer. Instead he stretches out on top of Rodney, watching Rodney's face as he lets Rodney take his full weight.

Rodney moans in relief--John is finally touching him, pressing into him, all warmth and muscle and bone. John is holding him in place, chest to chest, belly to belly, hips pressing into Rodney's and thank god, a hard hairy thigh rubbing against Rodney's cock. When John kisses him, there's no playfulness in it, just an easy sensuality that takes Rodney's breath away, makes him want to hold still because right now he's exactly where he needs to be.

"Rodney," John says, eyes half-closed and he looks happy and hungry. With a soft hum he kisses Rodney again, a slow slide of his tongue between Rodney's lips. John's cock is hard against Rodney's stomach and then John moves his hips, rubbing it against Rodney's skin in slow circles. "Oh," he says against Rodney's lips, as if just realizing right now that he's horny.

Rodney wonders what exactly John plans to do about it, his heart beating faster in anticipation because he'll let John do anything to him.

John kisses him one more time before raising his head and contemplating Rodney's mouth. He lifts himself up, onto his knees and his cock drags over Rodney's skin as he crawls forward. Rodney misses the weight and warmth of John's body but he likes that gleam in John's eye. Then John is kneeling over his face.

Holding his cock at the base, he moves the tip across Rodney's lips. Smooth skin and Rodney knows exactly how he'll taste. He wants to open his mouth, wants to take John inside but he's not supposed to move. He breathes out through his mouth, sending warm air across the head of John's cock, and John makes a small, quickly suppressed noise.

John's gazing down at him open and wanting, no trace of his earlier playfulness. The desire to reach out, to touch the tip of his tongue to John's cock is almost overwhelming. John's want is something Rodney couldn't resist even if he wanted to.

"Open," John orders quietly.

Rodney parts his lips just enough for John to push inside. He feels every millimeter of flesh as John eases the head of his cock into Rodney's mouth.


Rodney sucks. John's never sounded like this in bed. He's usually playful or cajoling, even whiny. He doesn't issue orders, not during sex, and it's freaky how much Rodney wants to obey, wants to suck and stay still and do anything else John tells him.

So he sucks and licks, running his tongue up and over the smooth, hard cock to the sound of John's heavy breathing. He's trapped between John's knees, and John looms above him, watching with dark eyes and parted lips, forearm pressed against the wall for balance. It's exciting in a way that's a little disturbing but it feels so good to have John's cock sliding in out of his mouth that Rodney doesn't want to think about it. Instead he sucks hard and watches as John's eyes flutter shut.

Finally he pulls his cock from Rodney's mouth. "Wait," he says, voice tight.

Rodney waits. John's cock slides against his cheek, balls brushing against his chin and Rodney can smell his sweat and skin.

"You like this," John says, more steady now.

"Yes." Rodney couldn't lie if he wanted to.

John lifts his cock and moves so that his balls are touching Rodney's lips. Their softness sparks an odd tenderness in Rodney, and he inhales deeply, filling himself with John's scent. "Suck on them."

Opening his mouth wide, Rodney obeys. He sucks gently, mouthing each sac in turn while John makes noise above him. He's incredibly hard, but it doesn't matter. All that matters is what he's doing to John, and the way John looks, and the way he sounds. Rodney wants to suck harder, but he knows that'll hurt so he settles for rubbing John with his tongue.

John groans and closes his eyes. He opens them a moment later and cups the side of Rodney's face with his hand, stroking the edge of Rodney's mouth with his thumb. "I want to fuck your mouth."

His words twist and coil inside Rodney, sharpening his arousal. He can't speak, and he can't nod, so he does his best to say yes with his eyes. Because he wants it, wants John's cock plunging in and out of his mouth.

John must've understood, because he lifts his balls away from Rodney's mouth and shifts so that his cock is in front of Rodney's mouth. He holds it just out of reach. "Tell me you want it, Rodney. Tell me you want me."

His eyes on John's, Rodney answers in a voice he isn't sure is his, "I want it. I want you. I want your dick in my mouth. I want-- I want everything you have to give me--I want more than that, I want--"

His words are cut off by the head of John's cock sliding into his mouth, and he sucks on it desperately. John pulls back, then pushes back in and Rodney moans, wanting to encourage John to keep on thrusting, because he trusts John, he knows John won't push it too far. He sucks hard when John slides back in, lifting his head, taking more of it into his mouth until his lips touch John's fingers and now John's the one moaning. Rodney manages to lick John's hand before his head falls back onto the mattress.

"Okay, okay," John murmurs. He thrusts a little deeper, hips moving slow but steady and Rodney loves it, loves the glide of the smooth shaft against his lips, the taste of John on his tongue, the way John is making little whimpering noises with each push of his hips. When John's movements start to get jerky Rodney knows it won't be long and he's eager for it, to feel John shake and moan.

But then John pulls his cock from Rodney's mouth. Frustrated, Rodney is about to protest until he realizes that John is jerking himself off just inches from his face, fingers curled around the head of his cock. He's staring down at Rodney as if in a daze, expression slack with pleasure and Rodney figures it out just as the first spurt of come hits his chin.

"Oh, god," Rodney moans. It's inexplicably hot, and maybe little twisted, but it makes him feel like he's coming, too. The sharp smell of John all over him, warm liquid spattering his cheek and his jaw and it's absolutely wonderful.

The bed rocks as John shifts and then John's mouth is on his, kissing him. Some of John's fluid landed on Rodney's lips and it's there between them as they kiss. All thoughts of keeping still gone, Rodney wraps his arms around John's neck, pulling him close, and pushing up into him. John lets him, his kisses feeding Rodney's hunger, until Rodney has to pull away. "Please," he mutters, burying his face in John's neck, breathing fast and deep, drawing in the smell of John and sex.

"Please what?" John whispers, stroking his side soothingly.

"Anything, just…"

John kisses him and starts to pull away. Rodney holds on until John slides his hand down Rodney's arm and pats his shoulder. Swallowing, Rodney lets go. John leans over and gets the lube from the small table next to the bed. Rodney hears it open, but John's mouth covers his nipple, sucking hard. Then fingers are pushing into him. Three of them, all at once. It's too much and exactly what he needs.

Rodney pulls his legs up, way up, bracing his feet on the bed and pushing down on John's fingers. The fingers are a stretch and he wasn't ready for it, but he wants it, wants the burn of John opening him, taking him.

John kisses him again, swallowing his moans. The kiss is all John because Rodney's response is uncoordinated, his attention filled by the fingers moving back and forth in his ass. John is taking his mouth, too, and Rodney's completely owned, with John's come drying on his face, and John controlling him with fingers and tongue.

He groans in loss when John slides down his body, but John takes Rodney's cock into his mouth, shoving his fingers in deeper. Hot, wet pressure all around, John's fingers filling him up, stretching him, pressing right there. Rodney is beyond frantic, begging and pleading as John works his cock and then thank god, he's finally coming, pouring himself into John until there's nothing left and he's melted into the mattress, limp and breathless and twitchy.

"Whoa," John says. He slides his fingers free and Rodney's hips buck; his entire body is over-sensitized. John kisses Rodney's thigh and then presses his cheek to it.

Finally Rodney gathers enough strength to reach a hand down to John's head. "Come here," he says, fingers caressing dark hair.

John stretches out beside him, smiling as he pulls Rodney into a hug. They end up on their sides, legs entwined. Rodney holds on tight, his face tucked into John's shoulder, and he's just a bit shaken because yes, anything, it was pretty clear he'd do anything for John and that's an absolute first for him.

"So," John says. "That got a little crazy, huh?"

Rodney can hear the tentative note in John's voice. Relieved he's not the only one who's a little shaken, he says, "Yes, it did, but it was really hot. Incredibly hot. Overwhelmingly hot."

John chuckles and Rodney's holding him so close that he can feel the vibrations in John's chest. "It was pretty hot."

"Of course you think so, you got to fuck my mouth."

"Which you liked," John points out, puffs of air tickling Rodney's neck when he speaks.

"I did. Next time maybe I can do that to you, so you can see how hot it is."

John doesn't answer for a long moment. "Maybe."

That's a good enough answer for Rodney, and he strokes John's back with his hand. "Sleep now."

"Mmmm," John agrees, and Rodney closes his eyes.