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First Time

Yes, We Can .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 18 kb

Leaning back in his desk chair, John stared at the email.

5 Times John Sheppard Said "I Love You" .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 6 kb

John remembers the light filtering through the window behind her, the way it made her hair glow.

Following Orders .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 12 kb

At 1000 John ran into a contingent of nearly a dozen scientists in the hall, Zelenka in the lead.

The Rite of Nereeth .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 40 kb

"This is all your fault," Rodney hissed, his hand tightening on John's upper arm.

Showing .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG 13 .:. 32 kb

"What happens next?" John asked, leaning close to Teyla so as not to be overheard by the crowd.

Thinking Positively .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG 13 .:. 32 kb

John kept looking for Rodney, glancing over at the door every time it slid open, but Rodney never showed.

Discovery, Stumbled Upon .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 15 kb

"So Katie," Jeannie said.

A Left-Handed Relationship .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 52 kb

John Sheppard had always considered the relationship he had with his right hand the best one in his life.

Laughter, Fantasies and Darkness .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 10 kb

"What's your kinkiest fantasy?"

Manly Hands .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 28 kb

John has hairy hands.

Good Clean Citrusy Fun .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 15 kb

"Oh, that is just wrong. And disgusting and wrong."

The First Time .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 14 kb

Warm, bare skin, John was surrounded by it.

The Really Good Boyfriend .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 18 kb

"Is John your boyfriend?"

John Sheppard, Curious Guy .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 16 kb

You don't look in other guy's porn drawers.

The Colonel in Black .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 23 kb

Rodney stopped.John was standing in the middle of the mess wearing a black jacket, with a white shirt, opened at the collar.

That Which Was To Be Proven .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 13 kb

Rodney McKay knew things.

A Song of Companionship .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 223 kb

Fantasizing about your team wasn't against regs, but John was pretty sure that didn't make it a good idea.

Into This World Again .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 112 kb

Rodney had been gone four months, three days, and fifteen hours when he finally stepped through the wormhole from the mid-way station into Atlantis.

Catch 19 .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 59 kb

John was looking at his feet, trying to stop the panic rising up through his chest like some sort of emotional bile, when Rodney burst into Elizabeth's office, datapad cradled in his arm.

Slow Road to Enlightenment .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 38 kb

"It's just me."

Lessons in Flying .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 28 kb

He was a pervert.

What Happened After the Mission .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 10 kb

"That was the most boring mission ever," Rodney said, dropping onto his back on John's bed with his arms outstretched, which meant they hung over the sides.

The Handsome Physicist, the Hot Pilot and the Evil Temptress .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 14 kb

"Married," Rodney said for the fifth time.

The John Sheppard Bad Safe Sex Story .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 26 kb

Rodney resisted the urge to pinch himself.

Five Ways John's Heart Was Broken and One It Wasn't .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 3 kb

He's in the fifth grade when the school starts giving them real report cards instead of just S's and O's.

The One With The Gay Cowboys .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 27 kb

"Gay cowboys. First penguins, now gay cowboys," Rodney said.

Cinaedus .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 40 kb

"I like this place," Rodney said, waving the leg of a bird that tasted a lot like turkey at John before taking a bite.

Bridges .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 36 kb

"You never told me your brother was gay."

That Pon Farr Thing .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 98 kb

Intent on getting to the infirmary, Rodney dodged around Lt. Miller.

What It Gives .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 101 kb

The room wasn't as smoky as John had expected.

Invisible By Day .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 25 kb

"I never thought you would be upset about a birthday."

What Rodney Could Do .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 9 kb

John's chest hair was a little scratchy against his skin, and John's cock was pressing into his back, low enough that part of it was between his parted cheeks.

Virgin Sacrifice In The Mid-Afternoon .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 35 kb

Rodney took a deep breath and tried to contain his frustration.

The Sixth Day .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 25 kb

It all started with Rodney's nipples.

Define Kiss .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 11 kb

Rodney looked up from his lab bench, giving John only the briefest of glances before returning his attention to his laptop.

Solace .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 16 kb

John realized his eyes were sliding shut and forced them open.

Standing .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 12 kb

John stepped quickly down the stairs leading into the gateroom, searching for familiar faces.

Moving .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 9 kb :: Sequel to "Standing"

Rodney was only mildly surprised when John turned up at his lab after a few hours.

A Better Fate .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 151 kb

Rodney looked out the window.

The Secret Room .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 18 kb

"So what are your plans for the day?" John asked, putting his empty coffee cup on the tray in front of him and leaning back in his chair.

Looking Glass .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG13.:. 35 kb

Warm. Rodney shifted a little. Warm was good.

Contact High .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 15 kb

"You're like... like..." John slurred, "pineapple."

Relentless .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 11 kb

The first time Rodney gave him a blow job they were in Rodney's bed.

Opening Moves .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 12 kb

"Meditation ritual," John repeated.

Of Boredom, Space Travel and Things .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 27 kb

No one ever mentioned how incredibly dull space travel could be.

Place Your Hand .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 116 kb

John woke with a start, taking a moment to register the knocking.

Closing and Opening .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 5 kb

"Why are you angry?" Dr. Heightmeyer asked, leaning forward.

Certainty .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 4 kb

The first time John kisses him Rodney freezes.

In Which Rodney Dates, John is Curious, and Cadman Helps .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 57 kb

"How are you feeling?" John asked putting his tray down and sitting on the other side of the small table without so much as a 'may I.'

Neighboring Solitudes .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 49 kb

Rodney was abruptly and shockingly awake. He hated this.

En Passant .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 18 kb

He'd had sex with John Sheppard.

Spoils of Victory .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 4 kb

Rodney should sleep. He knew this.

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No copyright infringement is intended or should be inferred. No money was made from the writing or posting of any content on this fan site.

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