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Stories written for the McSmooch Community.

5 Places Rodney Kissed John .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 6 kb

"What?" John asks, turning to look at Rodney.

The Sound of Kisses .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG 13 .:. 14 kb

Eyes narrowing, John tried to see into the darkened room.

The Life .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG 13 .:. 3 kb

Letting out a long, deep sigh, Rodney relaxed, sinking a little deeper into the warm water.

Pieces .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 2 kb

John's on his back, legs spread, another man pressing inside him, something he never thought he'd do, never thought he'd want.

5 Places John Has Kissed Rodney .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 5 kb

"That tickles," Rodney said, instinctively raising his shoulder.

A Lot Less Hair .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 3 kb

Pushing the crystal into place, Rodney closed the sensor console, climbing out from under it and into a chair.

The Cracking of the World .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 6 kb

John shifted so Carson could finish taping up his ribs, wincing as the pain in his side shifted from dull ache to something a hell of a lot sharper.

A Study in Pink .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 3 kb

Rodney wouldn't call it a study exactly, more an examination or possibly an exploration... Okay, it's a study.

It's In His Kiss .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 13 kb

"Tongue is something that is best used judiciously," Rodney stated, pointing at no one in particular.

Counting .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 3 kb

"It's your move."

Counting II .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 5 kb

Courage was stupid.

Counting III .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 5 kb

Rodney paced across his room, rubbing his hands together.

Undone .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 3 kb

Rodney and John had had sex exactly 2.65 times when Rodney figured it out.

Excitement .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG 13 .:. 3 kb

Risk, excitement, a Jedi might not crave them but John Sheppard did.

Finally .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 5 kb

"There was one last thing in the databurst," Elizabeth says.

Porn Battle Ficlets

At Long Last, Words .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 5 kb

Rodney doesn't make noise, not a lot anyway, and it's driving John mad.

Socks .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 4 kb

"I do not hide your socks."

Same Thing He Does Every Night .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 6 kb

John needs to think of something new because he should be fantasizing about something new by now, something not so-inappropriate.

Mirror, Mirror .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 6 kb

This had been one of John's better ideas.

Quiet .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 4 kb

John pushes, tilting his hips, forehead pressing against the back of Rodney's neck as he slides into Rodney.


Stories written for the McSheplets community.

Discipline .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 6 kb

"This is all your fault," Rodney hissed, leaning across the table and waving his apple in John's face.

Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses

Stories written for Oxoniensis's Hugs, Cuddles and Kisses Challenge.

Cool With It .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 4 kb

Rodney shows up at 2000 right on the dot, just like always.

Moonlight .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 3 kb

Moonlight was streaming through the window.

What Comes After .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 4 kb

Running was the only form of meditation John understood.

Pacifier .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 5 kb

Rodney was tired. Really, really tired.

Missing Scenes and Episode Tags

All Is Said .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 6 kb

"Why did you take me to the shrine?" Rodney asked, swinging his feet back and forth over the water.

A Life Revolutionary .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 7 kb

"What if he's the last human left?"

Returning .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 4 kb

"Hey," John said, not looking up as he took a shirt from his bag and stuffed it back in his dresser.

Clown Hugs .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 4 kb

"I still can't figure out where the clown came from," Rodney said, bending his arms a little, letting the rail beneath his hands take more of his weight.

Offering Proof .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 5 kb

"All we have to do is explain that we're really friends," Sheppard said, stopping just outside the conference room door.

Breathing Differently .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 4 kb

"Major… I mean Colonel."

Belly Fest Ficlets

Ficlets written for sheafotherdon's Belly Fest.

Mating Rituals .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 4 kb

Radek has watched a lot of mating rituals in his life.

A Hero's Belly .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 3 kb

The first time he sees it, Rodney thinks it has to be a trick of the light, a bunching up of fabric, something other than what it looks like.

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No copyright infringement is intended or should be inferred. No money was made from the writing or posting of any content on this fan site.

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