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Established Relationship Fic

Creativity .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 32 kb

Still breathing hard, John pressed a kiss to Rodney's chest and slid from the bed, heading for the bathroom.

You're the One .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 13 kb

"Stop spying on the neighbors."

Looking .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 8 kb

The door swooshed open and they stepped inside.

The Question .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 5 kb

"So," John says, swinging his feet from his perch on the one computer-free spot on Rodney's lab bench.

A Place to Stand .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 21 kb

"How do you want to come?"

The Last Test .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 33 kb

John doesn't bother knocking.

Experiment #24 .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 20 kb

John opened one eye, gazing up at Rodney, who for some unknown reason had decided to sit up in bed, taking a good chunk of the covers with him.

A Significant Obsession .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG 13 .:. 10 kb

"I'm sleeping with someone who has a mole."

In Their Bed .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 22 kb

"So, what's on your mind?" John asked, dropping onto Rodney's couch and stretching his legs out in front of him.

Receiving .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 9 kb

Parting Rodney with his hands, John dips his tongue inside.

Not Silly At All .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 9 kb

Fucking Rodney was like flying, riding that precious edge between control and freefall.

Poetry .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 12 kb

Rodney stared.

Acceptance .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 10 kb

Rodney can't take it anymore, the pressure.

Sex with Rodney McKay .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 9 kb

"Why did you do that?"

What Feels Good .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 19 kb

"Isn't that a little kinky?" Rodney was frowning, but his eyes were wide, really wide.

5 Things John Loves about Rodney .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 4 kb

Rodney reaches up, taking hold of an ancient crystal in the console over his head.

5 Ways John and Rodney Outed Themselves .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 6 kb

Elizabeth frowned at Rodney as he took the seat across from her.

Epicurean Drabbles .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 5 kb

There were a lot of things John never expected to find in Pegasus--the Wraith, bomb-toting Amish, a flying city--but this is the one thing that truly caught him by surprise.

Hard Work .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 10 kb

Rodney was convinced he'd never been this dirty in his life, but he knew that if he mentioned that fact John would simply roll his eyes and start listing all the other times they'd come home covered with mud or dust, or some other unpleasant substance.

Five Times Rodney Kissed John .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 7 kb

"I love you."

Five Times With Rodney That John Never Forgot .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 9 kb

Rodney is leaning over him, resting his weight on one hand, touching John with the other.

Conduct Unbecoming .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 11 kb

Elizabeth kept her arms crossed tightly beneath her breasts, containing her impatience.

Return to Normalcy .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. R .:. 33 kb

"Feingold won," John said softly.

The Cave .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 6 kb

"Rodney," John hissed.

Relaxation .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 6 kb

There were few things John Sheppard hated more than writing reports, except maybe filling out requisitions.

That Do Re Mi .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 31 kb

What was wrong with those skinny hips that they couldn't move faster, Rodney thought, again, as his hands clenched around fistfuls of sheet.

Sex? Later. .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 25 kb

"Sex?" John asked hopefully.

I Was Stationed in the Pegasus Galaxy and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 27 kb :: Futurefic

Lieutenant Emily Holbrook turned the Ancient device over and over in her hand.

Johnny Feelgood .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 18 kb :: Futurefic

"You're thinking about work," John accused, pulling away from Rodney.

What Aiden Ford Didn't Need to Know…Or See .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 10 kb

Aiden moved quickly down the long corridor, checking each room as he passed. Kavanagh had been certain Major Sheppard and Dr. McKay had gone this way.

Dress Blues .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 7 kb

Rodney moaned, losing track of what he wanted to say.

The Hearts of Watches .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 16 kb

Knowing John was waiting, Rodney knocked lightly.

The Weight in my Hand .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17.:. 14 kb

John rolled them, his weight pushing Rodney's legs apart, giving him room to settle between them.

Drift Away .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 10 kb

Rodney rocked backward, sliding down onto John's fingers.

Code .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 9 kb

"Since when do you not like the way I smell?" John asked, leaning against the door to Rodney's quarters.

That Which is Sufficient .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC-17 .:. 2 kb

Rodney groaned, pushing back, trying to get John deeper.

Defining Home .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. PG .:. 3 kb

John pressed a quick kiss to Rodney's nipple before sliding from the bed.

Choosing to See .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC 17 .:. 6 kb

John tugged at him and Rodney lifted his head, his body following.

Making The Sun Stand Still .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 6 kb

John rested his legs on Rodney's arms and Rodney shifted forward, pressing his cock against John's opening.

Analysis .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 5 kb

It was a fact.

The Blowjob Conundrum .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 5 kb

John sat back on his heels and considered the situation.

Unreason .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 4 kb

Rodney arches and John's teeth scrape his neck, moving downwards.

Saturday Morning .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 7 kb

Rodney woke up alone, which didn't surprise him.

Bragging Rights .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 5 kb

"If you were Canadian we could get married."

Lucky Bastard .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 5 kb

Rodney McKay was a lucky bastard.

Drive On .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. G .:. 7 kb

Lifting her gaze from the still form on the bed, Elizabeth Weir uttered the most difficult words she'd ever spoken in her life.

The Sensual Education of Rodney McKay:
A series of loosely connected stories.

Naked .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 13 kb

"Are you sure?"

Wordless .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 12 kb

Rodney groaned and pushed backward with his hips, trying to get more of John's fingers inside him.

Droplet .:. McKay/Sheppard .:. NC17 .:. 14 kb

A drop of water.

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No copyright infringement is intended or should be inferred. No money was made from the writing or posting of any content on this fan site.

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