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Saturday Morning


Title: Saturday Morning

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Atlantis

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC 17

AN: Written for Reedfem. Inspired by this photo:

two men making love on a couch

Rodney woke up alone, which didn't surprise him. On the rare nights they slept together, John always woke before he did. Morning light was streaming through the windows and John was sitting on the couch a few feet away, hidden behind a newspaper.

Burrowing down into the covers, Rodney decided that this had been one of his better ideas, an entire weekend in a hotel room, far from the prying eyes of the US military. Plus, all that back pay meant they could afford a good one.

"I miss Peanuts," John announced. Rodney didn't wonder how John knew he was awake. "Snoopy and his sopwith camel, Lucy and her football."

"Linus and his blanket," Rodney added.

John twitched half of the paper to the side. "You like Foxtrot, don't you?"

"I am nothing like Jason," Rodney said, trying to sound haughty, which was hard when you felt as content as he did.

Surprisingly, John didn't argue the point. Instead, he folded the paper and dropped it onto the floor, stretching his arms out along the back of the couch. "What do you want to do today?"

John was sinfully well put together, all lean muscles and soft dark hair. Rodney drank in the sight of him from the curve of his shoulders to his bony knees, before his eyes settled on John's cock, soft and curling around in a "c." It looked sweet, which wasn't surprising. John's cock looked sweet even when it was hard. Which was odd, because John Sheppard was many things, but sweet most definitely wasn't one of them. "I thought we could sightsee," Rodney said, just to get a reaction.

Shifting in his seat and tilting his hips a little, John said, "If you really want to."

What Rodney really wanted to do was take that sweet cock into his mouth and feel it get hard. They were on vacation and alone so there wasn't any reason Rodney couldn't have exactly what he wanted. Pushing aside the covers, he rose and went to stand in front of John.

"Good morning," John said, but he wasn't looking at Rodney's face. Rodney had long gotten over the fact that John talked to his dick. John was weird, but as long as it was Rodney's dick he was talking to, Rodney didn't care.

Dropping to his knees, Rodney rested his hands on John's spread legs, just above his knees. "Good morning."

John's dick was already starting to harden and Rodney decided it would be best not to waste any more time. He took it into his mouth, fitting all of it inside, and sucked softly.

John hummed and slid his fingers into Rodney's hair. His cock started to harden and the base slid from Rodney's mouth. Rodney kept sucking, easing his way up its length and then back down.

"This is the best way to wake up," John murmured. Rodney considered reminding him that he'd already been awake, but decided to swirl his tongue around the head instead. The head of John's cock wasn't perfectly round, it slanted more along the back than the front. Rodney liked that. He liked all of John's little imperfections, the birthmark on his right side, hidden up almost under his arm, and the fact that his calves were just a little too skinny, and the way his nose was different on each side, so that his profile changed depending on which side you were looking at.

He'd actually sucked on John's crooked toe, the one he'd broken in a Little League game when he was ten.

The imperfections were what made John his. Anyone could look at John and see his sinful mouth, but only Rodney had sucked on his crooked toe.

John tugged at him and Rodney lifted his head, letting John's cock slip from his mouth. John tugged again and Rodney climbed onto the edge of the couch between John's spread thighs. "Good morning," John said again, and Rodney smiled as he leaned in to kiss him.

It was slow and indulgent. John tasted of coffee, which was good since it probably covered Rodney's morning taste. One of John's hands settled onto his waist while the other hand stroked the back of Rodney's arm.

John shifted, bringing his feet up onto the wide, full couch. He was spread out beneath Rodney. There was nothing like having John spread out beneath him for Rodney to touch and kiss. He slid a hand up John's chest, his mouth still on John's, still drinking him in, overly diluted coffee and all.

He kissed his way down the side of John's neck, tasting each bit of skin, sucking it lightly before letting go. There were so many things he wanted to do to John. He wanted to go back to the floor and bury his face in John's cock and his ass. He wanted to taste John everywhere. He wanted to fuck him right here on the couch, with John's ass at the edge of it and Rodney on his knees in front of him, both of them watching Rodney's cock as it moved in and out.

John turned his head, his mouth seeking Rodney's and Rodney kissed him again, and again. John had an appreciation for kissing that Rodney had never encountered before. Rodney supposed it came from having a mouth that was built for it. Kind of like his had been built for blowjobs.

When John whimpered into their kiss, Rodney slid his hand to John's cock, stroking with a slow, hard rhythm. John groaned.

There were a lot of things he wanted to do, but having John's cock in his hand and John's mouth open beneath his, that was all he needed.