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Put A Sock In It 2: Rodney's Revenge

chelle and Leah

Title: Put A Sock In It 2: Rodney's Revenge

Authors: chelle and Leah

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Fandom: Atlantis

Category: Slash

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC-17

AN: This was Leah's idea, and playing with her was a great deal of fun.

John glared up at Rodney from where he was lying on the floor—with his wrists tied together and then tied around one of the legs of the bed. His legs were similarly tied at the ankles, and secured to one of the legs of Rodney's desk. John could move both pieces of furniture a little, if he really worked at it, but the Ancients had made their stuff to be both solid and to last, and John could really barely budge either. Certainly not enough to get him free, or to hamper Rodney one bit.

"You let me tie you to that chair, didn't you? You bastard!"

Rodney just grinned smugly. "Yup."

John glared some more and wished that Rodney's smug smile wasn't so damned attractive. Smug shouldn't be attractive. But love handles weren't supposed to be attractive either, and John found he rather liked Rodney's.

Rodney knelt next to his head, and John's eyes widened. "That is clean, isn't it?"

Rodney dangled the sock over John's face. "What do you think?"

"I think I'll be very, very quiet."

"But, John, there are things I want to show you and I can't show them to you if you're talking."

"You could, um, stuff something else in my mouth." John looked meaningfully at the erection outlined against Rodney's uniform pants.

"I could," Rodney said slowly. "…buuut, that wouldn't be as much fun, would it?"

He stuffed the sock in John's mouth.

"Mrgrph!" John grunted, trying to force the sock out of his mouth with his tongue. If he'd known that having a sock stuffed in your mouth was this disgusting, he might have used something else on Rodney—a clean washcloth, maybe.

Rodney smiled at him. "I thought you'd appreciate that."

John glowered at him, though he was sure the effect was somewhat diminished by the sock.

"So…" Rodney leaned back on his heels. "Now that I've got your undivided attention, Major, whatever shall I do with you?"

"Mrph?" John asked hopefully, twisting his hips a little in Rodney's direction.

Rodney grinned. "You really are smarter than you look. I think it's all that hair."

John wasn't sure if he was meant to be insulted by that or not, but Rodney was deftly opening his fly, slipping his hand inside, and—oh, yeah—Rodney could say whatever the hell he wanted about John's hair, just as long as he didn't stop…

He stopped.

"Mmmrrrppp," John said, making his displeasure clear.

Rodney leaned over him, resting his weight on his free hand. "Come now, Major, we wouldn't want it to be over too quickly, now, would we?"

"Mmmp." John sounded as pathetic as he felt.

Grinning, Rodney gave his cock a gentle squeeze. "My thoughts exactly."

Damn it. Rodney was going to die for this. He was really, really going to die. Just as soon as John got free and…

Rodney leaned forward a little further, until his lips were nearly touching John's ear. He was still taking his weight on his free hand. His other hand was still wrapped around John's cock, but not actually doing anything, despite John's grunting protests.

"Shhh," Rodney said. And he nuzzled the corner of John's jaw, right where it met his ear.

"Urm," John moaned, and turned his head to give Rodney better access. And maybe he didn't have to kill Rodney right away, either, because Rodney was alternately licking John's ear and neck, or gently scraping them with his teeth, and Rodney's other hand had started moving again, his palm making slow, lazy circles against the head of John's cock.

John was inhaling through his nose—he didn't have much choice—but the sock in his mouth was getting wet with his exhaled breath panting against it. It was pretty gross. Not that John was actually paying it that much attention.

"Mrgurph!" John bucked his hips as best he could, trying to get more friction. Rodney was driving him crazy. John was so close…If Rodney just would move a little faster, just a little…

John felt the vibration against his neck as Rodney softly laughed. "All right," he said, as if he knew exactly what John wanted.

Maybe he did, because an instant later Rodney had mouthed his way down to the base of John's throat, and was moving John's collar aside so he could suck hard on John's collarbone.

John wasn't too sure he really wanted a hickey, especially one that would mean he'd have to do up his t-shirts, but then Rodney started stroking him in earnest, and any protests John may have had, or any thoughts at all for that matter, were eclipsed by the white-hot pleasure as he climaxed into Rodney's hand.

Luckily he didn't actually choke on the sock. It was a close thing.

He was still coming down from his post-orgasm high when Rodney tugged the sock from his mouth.

"That's disgusting," Rodney said, holding the damp sock aloft.

Trying to get some saliva flowing, John pushed his tongue against the roof of his mouth a couple of times. "You're the one who put it in my mouth."

Rodney dropped the sock onto the floor behind him. John lifted his head and looked down at his shirt. It was covered with come. Great. He could either return to his quarters in come-covered clothes or wear something of Rodney's. Whenever he wore Rodney's clothes, he inevitably ran into Bates. It was like the guy had an illicit sex sensor or something.

He was about to mention the clothes thing to Rodney, when Rodney straddled his chest. "What are you doing?"

His fingers on the zipper of his pants, Rodney smiled and said, "What does it look like I'm doing?"

"Undoing your pants."

"You are observant." Rodney extracted his cock and held it in one hand while leaning over John and resting his weight on the other. "It was your suggestion."

Well, yes, but that had been a desperation move. John liked giving head, loved giving Rodney head, but he preferred it when he was the one in control. "Rodney."

John's cock was hardening. It liked the idea of Rodney over him, thrusting into his mouth. Traitor, he thought at it. It just got harder.

Rodney rubbed the tip of his cock across John's lips. "Open wide."

"It's not that—mmmpfff."

Okay, yeah, John was never going to try the bondage thing on Rodney again. He had nothing on Rodney. Nothing even close.

Well, right now he did have Rodney's cock in his mouth, which might be considered leverage, John supposed. Not that there was very much he could do with it.

Well, he could bite, but that seemed a little unjustified. Even if he had almost choked on a sock.

And John did like giving Rodney head. A lot. And maybe having total control all the time was overrated, and Rodney was being very nice and not putting any of his weight on John's chest, and he was holding steady so John wouldn't choke—again—and John's own cock was more than happy about the whole thing, so John decided to hell with it, he'd get with the program.

John rolled his eyes up, so he could see Rodney smiling down at him, and that was kind of sweet, in a weird-ass way. John couldn't move his head much, with the floor right there, but he could move his tongue, and he made the best of it: swirling it around the head of Rodney's cock, tonguing the slit, then licking along the length until he could get a good suction going.

Rodney groaned, and John could see that Rodney's eyes were closed, his lips parted and panting, and that was so hot John almost couldn't stand it.

John sighed around Rodney, felt Rodney's shudder in response. John began lifting his head, rocking it gently, moving his lips back and forth along the upper part of Rodney's cock. John really wanted to use his hands—he normally used his hands—but they were tied to the bed, so he only had his mouth.

At least it was pretty damn obvious that Rodney was liking it, anyway.

Rodney let go of the base of his cock and placed his hand on the back of John's head. It eased the strain of keeping his head in the air, but, still, blowing Rodney in this position wasn't easy. Rodney had damned well better appreciate it, especially since all John had gotten was a hand job and some neck chewing.

Come to think of it, Rodney hadn't blown him in almost a week.

John began to rethink the biting.

Then Rodney moaned and John's cock twitched because Rodney had the sexiest moan John had ever heard. Even with a sock in his mouth it had been sexy. Sockless, that moan was devastating.

John sucked a little harder and Rodney began to move his hips, pushing his cock back and forth in John's mouth.

Oh yeah, John thought, this was good. He had Rodney right where he wanted him—if you didn't count the fact that Rodney was straddling him and John was tied up and lying on the floor. Rodney was moaning, and gasping John's name, and fucking John's mouth, and John loved that part, the part where John felt like the king of the god-damned universe because he could do that to him.

Rodney's thighs tightened on either side of John, and then Rodney was coming, hot and thick into John's mouth. John swallowed, because, you know, polite, and in return Rodney didn't crush him when he finished shuddering, instead using the bed for support.

"Jesus, John," Rodney panted, slowly pulling his very wet cock out of John's mouth. "That was amazing."

"Thank you." John tugged at the bonds holding his arms to the bed. "Do you mind?"

"I'm not done with you yet."

John dropped his head to the floor and immediately regretted it. The Ancients liked their floors hard. "Ow."

Rodney tried to slide a hand under John's head. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine. Now untie me."

Rodney shook his head. "We're still not done." John glared at him, but Rodney simply reached behind him and took John's cock in his hand. "Or don't you want me to return the favor?"

Blowjobs, at least ones as good as John's, weren't favors, but John was willing to let that remark slide as long as Rodney reciprocated. "You're going to blow me while I'm tied to the furniture in your quarters?"

"I had planned on it, yes."

Planned on it. Of course he'd planned on it. He couldn't have simply shoved John against a wall and dropped to his knees like a normal guy. "You know," John said conversationally, speaking to the ceiling because Rodney's head was elsewhere at the moment. "A normal guy would—"

Rodney's mouth slipped around his cock, and John's ability to form coherent sentences disappeared entirely. "Oh, god," he gasped, and let his head loll to the side. His eyes closed as the waves of pleasure rolled through him, all centered around his cock and Rodney's gorgeous, wicked, evil mouth. John tried to thrust up, but was hampered by his secured ankles.

Rodney hummed, and the vibration was like lightning all the way up John's spine.

John moaned loudly, thrashing his head against the floor. It hurt, but John barely noticed. His whole existence had been narrowed to Rodney's mouth, and his cock, and the incredible things Rodney was doing with his lips and teeth and tongue…

Rodney had been holding out on him, because this…Rodney's tongue teased the slit while he sucked rhythmically on the head of John's cock. John wanted to touch him, wanted to run his fingers through Rodney's hair, but his hands were tied.

And, okay, being helpless was kind of hot. Rodney could do anything he wanted to him and John couldn't stop him. Except Rodney had tied his legs together, and for a moment John wished he hadn't. Rodney fucking him while he was tied up, that was…that was…

Rodney was sucking harder, his mouth sliding up and down John's cock in just the right rhythm, and John struggled to finish the thought. Hot, it was hot. Rodney was hot. Obnoxious, talkative scientists weren't supposed to be hot, but Rodney was, and maybe it was all that talking that made him so good at this. It strengthened his jaw muscles or something. Had to have.

John groaned and Rodney lifted his head. John whimpered at the loss. "You're going to come for me, aren't you?" Rodney said in a tone John had never heard before.


Rodney licked the head of his cock with a broad swipe of the flat of his tongue.

"Yes, please."

Sweet, warm suction and John let go, fluid leaving him in long pulses made longer by Rodney's continued suction. He wanted to make it last, wanted to keep coming and coming. For Rodney.

John lay on the floor, languid and sleepy in the wake of his climax. He felt Rodney shifting, his cock sliding out of Rodney's mouth, and John trembled slightly at the sensation on his over-sensitized skin.

Rodney pushed his hand under John's shirt, gently rubbing his stomach.

"You're beautiful, you know that?" Rodney said.

John blinked, chuckling softly. "You're really weird, you know that? I'm tied to the floor, hanging out of my pants, and I've got come all over my shirt. I wouldn't call this my best look."

Rodney just grinned at him. "I think it depends on the audience."

He leaned over, taking his weight on his left arm so he could kiss John and keep rubbing John's belly under his shirt. The kiss was soft, gentle and undemanding, and John took his time with it, loving the heat of Rodney's mouth, the feel of his tongue against John's own—even tasting himself wasn't so bad.

Rodney finally pulled back, smiling at John. "So, I guess I should untie you now, eh?"

John smiled winningly at him. "That'd be nice. I would like to enjoy the afterglow unfettered."

Rodney chuckled and knelt beside the bed. John could feel him tugging on the rope binding John's hands. "You do know how to undo those, right?"

"Of course I know how to undo them. I tied them."

"Sorry, but you just don't come across as the Boy Scout type." John tried to turn his head so he could see what Rodney was doing.

"There. That should do it."

John pulled and his arms came free of the bed. He sat up and Rodney knelt beside him, undoing the remaining ropes. When he pulled them off, John rubbed his wrists.

"I didn't hurt you, did I?"

"No." John didn't mention that it was probably a good thing he wore an armband and a really thick watch most of the time. He leaned forward, intending to untie his feet, but Rodney batted his hands away.

"I got it."

John sat back and let Rodney untie him. Rodney had tied him up and given him two orgasms, and thought he was beautiful. John really was a lucky bastard.

Rodney turned around, ropes in hand. "All free."

John pulled his legs back experimentally. Everything still worked. He smiled at Rodney. "You're weird."

"Says the man who tied me to a chair the first time we had sex."

"I was going to say, before I was so rudely interrupted, that you're weird, but you're my kind of weird."

"Oh, well, thank you." Rodney looked away, ostensibly searching for a place to put the ropes. "You're, um, my kind of weird too."


Rodney looked back at him and smiled. "Yeah, I guess it is."