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The Pervy Fic

chelle and The Grrrl

Title: The Pervy Fic

Authors: chelle and The Grrrl

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Fandom: Atlantis

Category: Slash

Pairing: McKay/Sheppard

Archive: Ask first

Rating: NC-17

Rodney leaned forward. "And would you please stop flirting with my John?"

"Oh for god's sake. I wasn't flirting," Rodney replied, mildly testy. "I was merely talking to him."

"Talking? That was just talking?" Rodney glared at this other version of himself, this other annoying version, who was far more annoying than he ever could be.

"Yes, talking. I was talking."

"Of course." Rodney rolled his eyes. "You always look at people like you want to have them for dinner when you talk to them."

"Well, he is ridiculously cute."

"I know he is, that's why I have sex with him as often as possible. And might I remind you, you have one of your own, right here in your own universe."

"I know I have one, a very good one, but--"

"Oh, please, like I don't know exactly what you are thinking," Rodney said. Before the other Rodney could protest Rodney jabbed a finger in the air at him and added, "I know exactly how your dirty mind works. And no way are you getting both of them."

Rodney folded his arms across his chest, scowling. At that moment John strolled past, the other John right beside him, murmuring something that made the other John duck his head and grin. John patted him on the back, and they continued on with matching strides.

They looked good together. Very good.

Rodney's head snapped around, meeting the other Rodney's gaze. "So, are you thinking--"

Rodney nodded rapidly. "Yes, yes, yes. I'm thinking. Oh, am I thinking."


"We'll have to be pretty persuasive," John said, turning to look at himself, and that was still damned weird. Weirder than when it had happened to Elizabeth because this John looked exactly like him.

"We can be persuasive." The other John smirked, and John found himself staring, wondering if that was what his own smirk looked like. It was kind of charming, for a smirk. "It's not as though Rodney doesn't have a sense of adventure, at least mine does."

"Mine does, too."

"Mine sucked me off in a jumper, while I was flying it."

"Yeah, but he complained about the damn console getting in the way for a week afterwards." His Rodney could be adventurous too, damned adventurous.

The other John nodded. "Mine did, too. I should have asked him to jerk off instead."

"You know? That's exactly what I thought."

"So on J5X-302 were you able to get him to--"

John nodded. "Oh, yeah, sex in the rain." It had been wet, slippery and really hot. He was getting hard just thinking about it. The other John was looking at him with this odd expression. John glanced down. He was hard, too, his dick pushing against the fabric of his pants. John swallowed. "So, the Rodneys, once we've persuaded them, who gets them first?"

The other John shrugged. "Rock, paper scissors?"

John made a fist. Together they began to count. "One, two, three." John kept his hand a fist, so did the other John. "Odds and evens?"

"Maybe we should just flip a coin."

John slipped a hand into his pocket and then pulled it out. "Do you have a coin?"

The other John removed his hand from his pocket. "No. You should go first. You're the guest."

"It's your Atlantis."

"I'm okay with watching the first round."

John was okay with watching, too. In fact, he was kind of looking forward to it. "Okay," he said with a sigh. "I'll go first."


"How did you get such a big room?" Rodney asked, as John and John herded the two of them onto the couch. An actual couch. And there was a decent sized bed directly across from it. Not some military issue cot.

The other Rodney looked puzzled. "This is the room I've always had. Your rooms are smaller? I'm glad we're in this universe."

Irked, Rodney shook his head. "No, not really," he said quickly. "They're about the same."

"Rodney," both Johns said in unison. They exchanged glances, then settled on the edge of the bed, facing the Rodneys. "We were talking earlier, and came up with this idea," John said.

"An idea? What kind of idea?" Rodney asked.

They smiled. They smiled identical 'I'm so charming you can't possibly say no' smiles, setting off all kinds of alarms in Rodney's head.

Trouble was brewing. He was certain of it. In stereo, no less.

The other Rodney was gazing at the Johns with a rapt expression which looked pretty silly, and Rodney was sure he never responded to the I'm Mr. Charming smile like that. Absolutely certain.

"Well, it seems like we have a little extra time on our hands," John said.

"Really?" the other Rodney asked.

"Yes, really," Rodney answered, scowling. One smile--okay, two smiles--and Rodney was acting like a lovesick puppy.

The other John rose from the bed and seated himself next to Rodney. Seated himself very close to Rodney, close enough that his thigh pressed right up against Rodney's thigh, and that was kind of interesting, because Rodney was certain this wasn't his John--the hair was a little shorter, and there was a little scar on the back of his hand, the hand that was grasping Rodney's forearm. "I thought maybe we could all spend a little time together," John said, leaning forward in his earnestness, "you know--playing around."

Rodney grinned. This was the kind of trouble he liked. "Really?"


"Yes, really."

Rodney looked at the other Rodney, could it have been any more perfect? The other Rodney said, "We had similar thoughts."

Rodney's John smiled. "We thought you might. So what would you like to do?"

The other Rodney looked at him and Rodney gave a slight shake of his head. It would be best not to risk spooking the Johns. "It was your suggestion. Why don't you tell us what you want?"

The John sitting next to Rodney squeezed his thigh. "We each want both of you at once."

"You do?"

His John nodded. "We want to take turns being in the middle."

The Rodneys exchanged a glance. This could get them what they wanted. "Okay," they chorused.

Rodney frowned. He hated when the other Rodney did that. It was irritating. But then he forgot all about being irritated when his John bounced up off the bed and began stripping his clothes off. Shirt off, pants pulled down and Rodney stared in wonder, much like he always did. So much long, lean muscle, a big hard dick--it was still amazing that he got to have this. That he got to have John.

And if he was lucky, he'd get to see John having John.

The other John's hand tightened on his thigh. Rodney looked over to see the other Rodney pull his shirt off and then hurriedly unlace his shoes. Huh. He wasn't sure how he felt about this aspect of it. "Let me just make this clear," he said. "John stays between us at all times."

"Well, yeah," Rodney said, as if Rodney was an idiot. "I'm not exactly interested in touching you. That would be kind of freaky."

The two Johns exchanged a glance and Rodney was pretty sure they had had the same thoughts about him and the other Rodney that the two of them had had about the Johns. Having a lover who shares your kinks wasn't always a good thing. The other John slid his hand up Rodney's leg, lightly brushing Rodney's erection before removing his hand. "You need to get undressed."

Aware of the other John's eyes on him, Rodney stood and began removing his shirt. He pulled it over his head to discover his John standing shirtless in front of him. Before he could say anything, his John leaned in and kissed him, slow and deep. The idea that John was marking Rodney as his to another John was weird. It was also wildly arousing.

John's hands went to his pants, undoing them and pushing them down. Rodney would have bent over to push them the rest of the way off, but John's hand circled his dick at the same moment that John's tongue brushed his.

Then he felt hands on his legs, stroking the outside of his thighs before untying his shoes. When a hand curled around his ankle and tugged lightly upward, Rodney lifted his foot, bracing himself on John's chest. His John slid an arm around Rodney's waist, while the other John obligingly tugged his shoe off. The other one followed and then hands stroked up his legs again. Rodney closed his eyes. He was being touched in four places at once and all of the hands felt like John's, even if only two of them belonged to his John.

The other John seemed to sense that he needed a moment, and after a brief kiss from his John, the other John pushed his pants to the floor. Rodney stepped out of them while his John kept a hand on his dick, stroking it lightly when Rodney tried to move, depriving him of what little coordination he possessed.

Naked, he pressed against John, wanting to feel him, only to find that John's cock didn't press against his belly like it usually did. There was a hand on it. A hand that wasn't his or John's.

The other Rodney was standing behind John, close enough that Rodney knew his cock was undoubtedly resting between John's cheeks, and he had an arm around John and a hand on his dick. Rodney met his gaze over John's shoulder and he leaned forward, licking at the back of John's neck.

John's eyes fluttered shut and Rodney realized that even though the other Rodney was annoying, between them they could make John feel really, really good.

And then they'd get to do it all over again with the other John.

"Come here," the other Rodney murmured, pulling John backward and onto the bed. Rodney followed, loving the sly, happy grin on John's face, oh yes, this was a John who was getting exactly what he wanted. Rodney glanced over his shoulder to see the other John settling in on the couch, beautifully naked, lips parted as he watched the action. He smiled when he caught Rodney looking.

"Oh, I'm good, believe me," he said in answer to Rodney's unasked question. "Go on. I'm happy to wait my turn."

Someone tugged on Rodney's arm; it was John, who was nestled in between Rodney's legs, leaning back against Rodney's chest, with Rodney's arms wrapped around his waist. "It's my turn now, Rodney; get your ass over here." He spread his legs invitingly.

It was an invitation he couldn't refuse. "Coming," Rodney said, as he crawled carefully between two sets of legs, Rodney's pale, solid legs contrasting sharply with John's darker, hairier ones. He kissed John's knee, then rubbed his lips along the inside of John's thigh, pausing to kiss the tip of his very erect cock.

John shuddered, and sighed Rodney's name, although Rodney wasn't sure which one he meant--the other Rodney had his mouth on the side of John's neck, and his fingers were on a nipple. Rodney licked his way up John's stomach and chest to suck the other nipple, biting down and causing John to arch his back and moan.

As he kissed his way to the other nipple, the other Rodney switched sides, tracing the nipple Rodney had just teased with the pad of his finger. A little suction, a hint of teeth, just enough to make John want more, and John buried his hand in Rodney's hair, holding him in place. Rodney sucked a little harder.

When John abruptly let go of him, Rodney drew back. John was shifting in the other Rodney's arms, turning towards him, clearly wanting to be kissed. For a moment, Rodney was jealous. He was the one whose mouth John should be seeking, but it faded as he watched them kiss, because he was the one kissing John, in a weird, nonsensical way.

The thing about kissing John was that he responded with his whole body, pressing and pushing, trying to get closer. Watching John arch, watching John try to get closer to the other him, sent so much blood to his cock that Rodney was amazed the rest of him was still functioning.

The other Rodney groaned, and Rodney looked over his shoulder at the other John. He was watching avidly, arms stretched out across the back of the couch. Rodney knew he was trying to keep from touching himself, and suddenly Rodney wanted to make it so hot that John had no choice but to stroke his own cock. There was nothing like watching John jerk off, like making John so hot he had to jerk off.

His John and the other Rodney parted just as Rodney turned back to them. Knowing it would give the other John a perfect view of his ass, Rodney stretched out over John, taking the kiss he'd been aching for.

John's mouth was wet and sloppy, and his kiss slack with passion. Rodney tried to wrap an arm around John's shoulder but the shoulder he found under his hand was all wrong, too smooth--great, he was fondling the other Rodney, which wasn't at all what he had intended. And a second hand slid around Rodney's waist, it wasn't John's hand and things were becoming a tangled mess, too many arms and legs to keep track of but god, it all felt good, warm skin sliding together, John whimpering softly beneath him, then another soft familiar moan and Rodney wasn't sure which one of them it came from.

"Have I told you," Rodney murmured against John's cheek, "that you have the best ideas ever?"


John moaned in response. It was a good idea, a fantastic idea, and he couldn't believe the Rodneys went for it. So good, to be leaning back against a warm, naked Rodney, and to have a warm, naked Rodney crawling over him. So much to touch--everywhere he put his hands there was a Rodney. He was surrounded. One hard cock poked against the small of his back, another one dragged wetly against his thigh. "Fuck," John said with a gasp.

"Is that what you want?" Rodney asked.

"Is it?" whispered the other.

John nodded, leaning his head back against Rodney's shoulder. "Please." He loved the sound of their voices.

"Um," the Rodney beneath him said, "I have to move then, because, lube?"

It took a minute for the words to sink in, but then John rolled off Rodney and onto the other Rodney--his Rodney, he was pretty sure, and it was nuts to even be wondering such a thing. Rodney stretched out beneath him, hand in John's hair, pulling him down into another wildly messy kiss. John slipped between his legs, rubbing his cock against Rodney's stomach and it felt incredible.

Then a slick, wet finger slid down the cleft of his ass. John groaned, burying his face in Rodney's neck when Rodney reached around and took one cheek in each hand, holding him open.

The other Rodney's finger traced his opening and John sucked on the skin against his mouth, needing an outlet for the desire coiling inside him. The finger slipped inside. The other Rodney was careful with him, easing in gently.

"You look so hot," the other Rodney said softly, leaning over him, pressing his chest to John's back.

John could imagine how he must look, lying on top of his lover, held open so another man could slip his fingers into him. Rodney's cheek brushed his and John knew what he wanted. He lifted slightly and Rodney's mouth took his, kissing him as though the sole reason his mouth existed was to satisfy Rodney's hunger.

A second finger slipped inside him.

John was caught between the two of them, between the man under him, pinning John with his hands and his mouth, and the man behind him, pushing into him. He wanted to be fucked, pinned, held in place and taken.

Breaking away from Rodney's mouth, he wiggled until Rodney's nipple was within reach of his mouth. Then he sucked, hard, wanting to pull part of Rodney into him.

"John," Rodney gasped and John lifted his head.

"I want you to fuck my mouth. I want you both to fuck me."

"Oh, God." That was his Rodney.

"Jesus." That was the other Rodney.


Rodney let go of his ass, cupping John's face in his hands and pulling him into a heated kiss. "You don't need to ask. We'll do whatever you want us to," Rodney said with surprising gravity.

John kissed him again, want making it sloppy and the fingers inside him twisted in a way that made it impossible for him to do anything but want. Rodney's mouth focused his desire, kept him from flying apart, but he knew it wouldn't last. Soon he was going to have Rodney inside him, in his ass and in his mouth, fucking him in the way he'd always fantasized about.

"Come on, roll over," Rodney said, tugging on his waist, pulling him off of Rodney. "I think you should lay on your side for this."

John could feel Rodney's fingers, still inside of him, and he slid wordlessly off of his Rodney. He wasn't sure he remembered how to speak, his entire universe had dwindled down to being touched and kissed and stroked. He was hot, so hot and he was afraid he was going to come at the first touch on his cock.

His Rodney frowned. "Wait, wait," he insisted, hands sliding from John's hips. "Who says you get to do the fucking?"

Rodney lifted his mouth from John's neck. "I say I do, that's who."

"I don't remember agreeing to that."

"Listen--" Rodney slid his fingers from John's body, and John moaned in frustration. He didn't want to hear them talk, he wanted kissing and touching, he wanted fucking, and he wanted it now.

"Rodney," said a familiar, frustrated voice from the other side of the room. "For god's sake, focus, both of you. You can switch off with me, okay?"

"Oh," both Rodneys said in a quiet voice.



Contrite kisses, one on his shoulder and another on his lips and John felt better, more in control after the distraction. He reached down and wrapped his hand around Rodney's cock, gratified to hear the hiss of pleasure. He loved the solid feel of it in his hand, but even better, he loved the sensation of it sliding past his lips.

"Are you ready?" the other Rodney asked, cock pushing bluntly against John.

"God, yes." John pulled his knees up so that Rodney could tuck himself in behind him.

Rodney pushed into him, penetrating him with such care that John wanted to growl at him and tell him to just do it, for god's sake. But when he saw the look on his Rodney's face, watching with such wonder, the words died on his lips.

His Rodney looked down at him. "You," he said, with an ache in his voice, "you." John wanted to say something about how Rodney had seen a cock slide into him before, but that been his cock and there were probably differences and he couldn't think, because the other Rodney was pushing deeper into him, familiar and yet not.

Rodney's hand slid up his arm, over his shoulder to his neck, and the other Rodney pressed a kiss to his back, nuzzling the space between his shoulder blades. Rodney leaned down to kiss him. Slow, heated kisses that somehow matched the pace of the cock moving so carefully back and forth in his ass.

Needing to do something, to hold onto something, he stroked Rodney's cock with his hand, and then tugged on it, pulling it toward his mouth. Rodney stubbornly kissed him again before shifting and lying on his side with his cock in front of John. John sucked him in, wanting all of him at once. He could feel Rodney's stomach pressing lightly against the top of his head, where Rodney had curled forward so he could watch the other Rodney fuck him.

Rodney touched him, stroking the back of John's neck with his fingers. The other Rodney touched him too, his hand restlessly stroking over John's hip and thigh, as he worked his cock back and forth.

Then Rodney stopped stroking. Holding John's head still with the smallest amount of pressure, he began to move his hips, fucking John's mouth. It was nothing like his fantasies. In his fantasies, he was there for the pleasure of the men fucking him; he was being used, taken. Of course Rodney would do the opposite. Both of them would.

Because this was all about him, and John had to close his eyes against the pleasure. He had two cocks moving inside him, caressing him, and all he could do was lay there and let it happen, let them make him feel good. The Rodney in his ass was touching him in all of the right places, stretching him, and pushing at him, taking away his control and leaving pleasure behind. And his Rodney was sliding over his lips and tongue, pushing the head of his cock just far enough back that John felt pinned by it, held in place by Rodney's hand and Rodney's cock. He wanted Rodney to push farther, into his throat, to open him up.

"Beautiful," his Rodney said, voice choked, "you are so beautiful."

John groaned. He had wanted to be opened, and Rodney had opened him.

"Um, just so you know," the other Rodney said, tightly. "This--I'm not going to really last very long here." He gripped John's hip with a slick, sweaty hand.

John shoved his ass against Rodney. He wanted at least one of the Rodneys to lose it, to fuck him hard. Rodney moaned, then picked up the pace, moving with short, quick thrusts. John sucked eagerly on the cock in his mouth, his own cock rock hard and needy but he didn't want to touch it yet, no, not while he had his Rodneys right where he wanted them.

"Oh god, oh, John," Rodney said sharply. John had no idea which one.

Someone moved, the weight on the bed shifted and someone spread John's legs apart, lifting a thigh and tilting him back. The change in position caused Rodney's cock to reach deeper inside of him and John whimpered around his Rodney's cock.

Then a hand touched his balls, holding them gently.

John shuddered. God, that wasn't--

Warm and tight all around his cock, someone was sucking on him, John was sucking on him, and that was just dirty and wrong and downright wonderful. Someone moaned loudly, John's mouth filled with come, and that was it, he grabbed hold of Rodney's hips and came, muscles clenching tight around the other Rodney's cock as waves of pleasure shook him.


Pleasure blurred his vision, making it hard for Rodney to see, but he couldn't close his eyes, couldn't look away from the cock moving in and out of John with fast, deep thrusts. He knew the other John had his mouth on John's cock, but he couldn't see it. John's broad shoulders obscured his vision, but that was okay, just knowing he was there made for all kinds of good feelings inside. Rodney rested his head on one arm, stroking his John's hair with his free hand, as the last of his orgasm shuddered through him. He wanted to move, to take John in his arms, but he couldn't stop watching.

John had an amazing ass, firm and muscular. Rodney didn't have to imagine what the other Rodney was feeling, he knew exactly what it was like to be inside John, to feel his heat, and the way John would open up after he came, letting him in even deeper.

His softening cock slipped from John's mouth and Rodney moved his hand, caressing John's cheek.

Rodney lifted his eyes to the other Rodney's face. He was biting his lower lip, concentration mixed with pleasure. Then the other Rodney stopped moving. He went completely still for a moment before shuddering visibly. Rodney was watching himself come. It was weird, and oddly exciting, and really weird.

The other Rodney rested his forehead against John's back, still shaking, and Rodney reached out, resting a hand on his shoulder. Fucking John had a way of stripping away your defenses.

They lay there, the four of them, bodies touching in odd places, panting and sated.

Then the other John rolled onto his back. "Not to complain here, guys, but…"

He didn't need to finish his sentence, not with his cock sticking up in the air, finishing it for him.

Rodney started to move, trying to get into a position where he could reach the other John, pausing to give his John a soft kiss, and getting a content smile in return.

"I'm kind of spent," the other Rodney said. "I may need a few minutes."

That seemed a little cruel when the other John had been patiently waiting his turn. Rodney glanced up at him and the other Rodney tilted his head at the two Johns. "Yeah, yeah, me, too," Rodney said, catching on.

"That's not very fair, guys," his John pointed out, in a sated, lazy tone.

"You could always help us get reinspired," the other Rodney said.

John's eyes narrowed as he shifted to look at the other Rodney.

The other Rodney wasn't put off in the least. He gave John an innocent look that Rodney hadn't even known he could pull off, and said, "You could give us something to watch."

"I thought I just did."

Rodney's John grinned happily, rubbing the other John's leg with his foot.

"I didn't get to see it," Rodney complained, "I was somewhat occupied at the time."

The other John lifted his eyes to meet John's. "They can be so whiny, can't they?"

"I know," John agreed, nodding. His hair tickled Rodney's arm.

"Hey," the other Rodney complained, still tucked against John's back. "We are not."

Rodney thought he sounded kind of whiny. Unlike himself.

"I tell you what," the other John said, stroking Rodney's thigh. "You do something for us first."

It was that 'you can't say no to me' tone again. "Like what?" Rodney asked, immediately wary.

"Kiss each other."

"What?" In unison.

"Ooh, good one," John said.

"Rodney and Rodney," the other John clarified. "One kiss."

"Come on, Rodney," John encouraged, rolling onto his back, undoubtedly angling for the best view.

The other Rodney raised his head, eyeing Rodney with an odd expression. "You've got to be kidding me."

Rodney shrugged and sat up. Maybe it was the post-coital euphoria making him so relaxed and agreeable, but it didn't seem like such a bad thing. Especially when confronted by two very hopeful-looking Johns. Hell, if it made them happy--

The other Rodney seemed to be thinking along the same lines, because he met Rodney halfway, hesitating only briefly before pressing his lips against Rodney's in a soft kiss. It wasn't too bad, Rodney thought, and he felt a curious rush of affection for this other version of himself, who clearly loved his John as much as Rodney loved his own. He touched the other Rodney's cheek as he drew back, and the other Rodney grinned a funny little grin at him.

"Well?" Rodney asked. His John was stretched out between the two of them, arms pillowing his head, looking as smug and as content as could be. Rodney turned to the other John, who was nodding thoughtfully.

"Okay, then." He sat up, a hand on John's knee. "Turn over?" he asked.

John rolled over, and Rodney watched with growing amazement as the other John put his hands on John's ass, spreading his cheeks before ducking his head and licking.

"Oh god," Rodney said.

"Oh god," the other Rodney echoed.

"Oh jeeze, watch with the beard stubble," John groaned.

Rodney stared. He'd wanted to see John with John, but this. This was… This was enough to make his dick forget all about having come just a few minutes before. The other John's tongue darted out, quick, teasing licks, just like the way John rimmed him, and Rodney swallowed, unable to look away. John had always had a thing for rimming after fucking. Rodney thought it was a little kinky, John wanting to taste himself on Rodney like that.

Except this John was tasting his lover on John's skin.

The thought was enough to make him want to lean down and taste John too. He tore his eyes away from the Johns, looking at the other Rodney, who was staring avidly. Rodney swallowed. "We should touch him."

The other Rodney looked up at him and then nodded. After a bit of feeling around, he handed Rodney the lube. Neither of them moved for a long moment, caught up in the sight in front of them. John's face, buried in John's ass, and his John was starting to get into it, was lifting himself up onto his knees, his face still buried in the bed. Rodney wanted to hold him open the same way he'd held him open for the other Rodney.

"Rodney," his John said.

"Yeah?" Rodney asked without taking his eyes from the two of them.

"Touch him."

Rodney rose from the bed and moved to stand behind the other John, one hand caressing his hip. John shoved his hips backward in an eager motion.

Rodney ran his fingers along the space between John's cheeks. So strange to be touching someone new, someone he'd never touched before, yet who looked exactly like his John. Strange and incredibly hot.

Squirting some lube onto his fingers, he pressed them to John's opening. John pushed back against him, making a desperate sound that was so much like Rodney's own John it made something in Rodney twist a little. He stroked inside, reaching into the soft, slippery space. John moaned and sank his teeth into John's cheek. John chuckled softly, turning his head to watch Rodney.

The other Rodney held out his hand. "Give me some," he said, indicating the lube.

Curious, Rodney complied. The other Rodney reached behind himself and Rodney's face grew warm.


"Do you think we can really make that work?" Rodney asked. His dick was certainly excited by the idea, but the logistics seemed…complicated.

Rodney cocked his head. "Oh please. Of course we can make it work." He looked to his John. "Right?"

John grinned at him. "Get over here."

Wondering if the other Rodney often lubricated himself in front of his John, Rodney slid his fingers out, watching as Rodney and John kissed, his own John crawling out of the way and making himself comfortable among the pillows at the head of the bed. It was fascinating to see them kiss, to see himself kiss John and he wondered if that was what they looked like, slow and intent as if there was nothing else in the world that mattered. He looked to his John, wanting to kiss him, too, but John imperiously pointed to the other side of the bed, behind the other John.

"Right." Rodney went to the foot of the bed as the other Rodney turned around, kneeling, and then nestling his ass against John's crotch. John kissed Rodney's shoulder and then pushed inside of him, making both Rodneys moan softly, much to Rodney's surprise.

Rodney stared, watching as the other John penetrated his Rodney. That was what his ass looked like with John's cock in it.

"You, uh, have room back there?" John asked, startling him. "Because I think--I think this is going to be kind of quick."

Rodney hurriedly applied lube to his cock, then crawled onto the bed. "Can you bring your knees up a little?"

John curled up around his Rodney, and with some wriggling about Rodney was able to find a good position, chest snug against John's back, cock sliding down the warm, slick cleft of his ass. With a little push he was inside, John gasping and clenching his muscles around him. It was insanely warm and tight. He rocked his hips forward, cock sliding in easily as John relaxed and took him in.

Rodney couldn't believe he was fucking this John who was not his John, yet was just as breathtaking as his own John. He wrapped his arms around John's body, then reached out further to include the other Rodney. Licking the sweat from the back of John's neck, Rodney decided it was definitely crazy, but it was exciting and hot as hell. The best part was that John seemed to love it, squashed between the two of them, moaning and thrusting.

Over John's shoulder, Rodney could see his own John nuzzling the other Rodney's face, his hand between Rodney's legs.

He and John fell into a crazy rhythm. Rodney would push into him and then, Rodney fully inside him, John would push into the other Rodney. They pulled back at the same time, and it took all of Rodney's concentration to keep from pulling all of the way out. John was groaning, far more vocal than his John, but then Rodney had never seen his John fucking and being fucked.

Rodney thrust hard, pushing John into the other Rodney, and John contracted around him, squeezing, his body shaking as he came. Rodney held still, riding it out, taking deep breaths to keep from giving into the urge to just fuck deep and hard.

When John rested his head on the other Rodney's back, Rodney resumed moving, slow, tiny thrusts that pulled a small moan from John. "You're still hard," Rodney whispered, "I know you are."

John groaned and turned his head so that his forehead was pressing into the other Rodney's back.

Rodney took that as acquiescence and pulled a little bit farther back on his next stroke.

The other Rodney crawled forward, moving out from underneath John, and John moaned in protest. Rodney wrapped his arms around John and shifted back onto his heels, taking John with him.

John rested his head on Rodney's shoulder and Rodney ran his hands over him, touching greedily. His John and the other Rodney were sitting across from them, watching. The other Rodney's eyes were half-closed, and he was breathing heavy as he leaned into John's arms. He had come at some point and Rodney had missed it. He felt strangely disappointed.

But they were both watching, so Rodney slowed his hands, trying to make a show of it as he teased John's nipples. Then, eyes on his John's face, Rodney pinched them, first one and then the other. The John in his arms groaned. His John crawled forward and pressed his lips to Rodney's.

He could taste John's desire, and when they parted he stared into John's eyes for a long breathless moment. John wanted this, wanted to watch him with the other John. Rodney lifted his hips, pushing further into the man on his lap.

Leaning down, John kissed the other John. Rodney was pretty sure he recognized that kiss. It was John's tender kiss, surprisingly sweet. The other John groaned when they parted, reaching out, and his John smiled softly at him.

The other Rodney sidled in to nuzzle at his John's neck, kissing it lightly, before whispering something in his ear that Rodney couldn't hear, but his eyes were intense, his face focused and passionate. It was like seeing straight into his soul, and Rodney wondered if he was like that, if everyone could see his emotions spilling out onto his face.

John pulled his Rodney into a kiss, one hand curling around the back of his neck. Rodney watched for a moment before tracing the side of John's neck with his lips, savoring the feel of smooth skin and the hard muscle underneath. He spread his hands out on John's stomach, stroking lightly.

They parted and Rodney found himself stretching toward the other Rodney, eager for his kiss. His lips were soft, but his kiss was hungry, full of weird lust and even weirder affection. Rodney kissed him back just as hungrily, expression regretful when he pulled away. "This is really weird," he whispered with a crooked grin.

Rodney nodded. "And yet it's a good weird." Then his armful of John started moving, squeezing around his cock, rocking and grinding down with a twist of his hips. Rodney closed his eyes and groaned. Hot body moving against his, all that wet heat around his cock, it was all good, too good to last. They found a rhythm again, fast and hard this time. John guided his hand down onto his cock, and Rodney began jerking him off, hand moving over the hard shaft in a fast, steady pace. He wanted to feel John come, wanted to feel those muscles ripple around him.

"Rodney," John said, his voice edging into a whine, the way he always did when he was about to come. He gripped Rodney's arm, and then his entire body shook. Rodney held on and rode it out, gasping against the amazing sensations. He opened his eyes and saw that his John was leaning back on his arms, legs sprawled out, face blissful as the other Rodney sucked eagerly on his cock.

Rodney closed his eyes and came.


Sated, a little sleepy, Rodney nuzzled his John's chest, and John stroked the back of his neck with his hand. The other Rodney was pressed against John's other side, but further down, his head almost on John's stomach, the other John spooned up behind him. Apparently four grown men could cuddle. Who knew?

It was weird, but definitely a good weird and Rodney found his mind wandering through all of the combinations they hadn't tried. Conditions would be right to try and recreate the Stargate accident that had brought them here in less than two hours. It was risky, but he was pretty sure they'd make it home. He just wasn't sure he wanted to go.

Because this was really good.

"We'd drive each other nuts," the other Rodney said. Rodney looked at him, and he added, "If you stayed."

He was undoubtedly right, but Rodney wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of saying it. "You're just afraid of the competition."

The other Rodney snorted.

"Sex is supposed to make you sleepy, not thinky," the other John said, sounding mildly grumpy.

"Thinky?" the Rodneys chorused, with the other Rodney adding, "is that a word?"

"It is now," John told them. "Now sleep."

Rodney closed his eyes, receiving an approving caress from John. He didn't care what the other John said--

"Thinky is not a word," the other Rodney muttered, earning him a stern "Rodney" from the other John.

Turning his head, Rodney pressed a sleepy kiss to his John's skin. Then he let himself begin to drift.