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Title: Naked

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Atlantis

Archive: Ask first

Pairing: John/Rodney

Rating: NC17

AN: Written for Danvers.

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure."

"Okay." Rodney took a deep breath and stared at the place John was so sure about. The skin was slightly darker than the skin on the rest of John's body, but it had a little less hair. It was wrinkly and strangely vulnerable, and the whole thing was way too small. Rodney had no idea how he was going to get a finger in there, and while he knew other people put other things there, he couldn't imagine it being pleasurable. Painful maybe, uncomfortable at a bare minimum, and he'd never understood combining sex and pain, or even discomfort.

"Rodney." John's voice held both impatience and understanding.

"Right." Grabbing the mineral oil John had given him to use, Rodney poured some over his fingers. Then he touched John, tracing John's opening with his fingers.

John sighed happily.

The skin beneath his fingers was wrinkled, not quite rough to the touch, but textured in a way the rest of John wasn't. He traced the edges a couple of more times, but his attention was increasingly focused on the center of John's opening rather than the edges. A little push and he'd be inside John, or his finger would.

Rodney looked up. John was watching him, eyes open and full of affection. Rodney often had a hard time looking away from John's eyes, because people didn't look at him like that. His own mother hadn't looked at him like that.

But John did.

And if John wanted Rodney to play with his ass, then Rodney would play with his ass, no matter how weird it was.

Rodney pushed and his finger slid in a little. John's muscles tightened around him, squeezing and then relaxing. "Is this?"

John smiled at him, holding up a hand. Rodney captured it with his free hand, entwining their fingers. "It's good."


John laughed a little and ran his thumb across Rodney's palm. "Really."

Relieved, Rodney smiled at John, and tried to decide what he should do next. Should he push in more, should he pull back and then push in again? Some of his uncertainty must have shown, because John said, "Keep going."

Rodney pushed some more, sliding in surprisingly easily, and, wow, John was warm inside, and smooth. Rodney had expected it to feel more like a vagina, wetter and cave-like, but it felt nice. Not that vaginas didn't feel nice, but this felt nice in a completely different way. He was relieved, because part of him had expected it to be gross, even though he kept telling himself it wouldn't be.

"Bend your finger," John said, pulling him from his thoughts, which was just as well, since they weren't actually going anywhere.

Rodney bent his finger and John gasped. He did it again and John gasped again. Rodney grinned. "Prostate?"

John nodded. "Oh, yeah."

"It feels that good?"

"Oh, yeah." John was smiling at him, a broad, happy smile that invited Rodney to share his happiness.

Rodney did. After years of being convinced that happiness was an illusion, he'd discovered that happiness was actually quite easy. In fact, it took very little to make him happy.

Sharing a cup of coffee and a friendly argument with Radek.

Making Elizabeth laugh.

Or Teyla. Teyla had a great laugh.

Sniping at Carson and having Carson snipe back. For a doctor, he had a really sharp tongue.

And best of all, looking at John. Clothed, naked, it didn't matter, either would do. Although John looked particularly good naked. Which he was. He was naked and Rodney had a finger in his ass, and that was either incredibly weird or really beautiful. Rodney couldn't decide which, so he settled on both.

Realizing he should probably do something with his finger, Rodney began moving it back and forth with small, careful movements. John made an approving sound.

"It really feels good?"

This time John did laugh at him. "Yes, Rodney, having your finger in my ass feels good."

"I'm just asking. The only people who've ever had their fingers in my ass have been doctors, and those exams weren't so pleasant."

"Maybe they were doing it wrong."

"I dare you to tell Carson that."

John grinned and squeezed his hand. "I'll tell him he doesn't touch my ass anywhere near as well as you do."

"I think we have different goals."

"Could be," John admitted. "Can I have another finger now?"

Rodney stopped himself from asking if that was what John really wanted, and withdrew his finger. Then he pushed back in with both his index and middle fingers this time. Pressure on his fingers made him stop. "Okay?"

John had closed his eyes, and when Rodney spoke he opened them. "Yeah, just stretching a little." Adding when Rodney frowned, "It feels good."

Reassured, Rodney pushed in a little more and crooked his fingers like he had before. John gasped again, so Rodney rubbed his fingers back and forth, feeling a gentle, almost not there, bulge beneath his fingers.

John's free hand tightened in the sheets and he bent his legs, placing his feet flat on the bed and tilting his ass upward. For some reason his movements made Rodney's dick twitch, but then just about everything John did made Rodney's dick twitch. When he was naked, all those long lines on display, Rodney's poor dick didn't stand a chance.

John liked to be naked. He slept naked. Even when they were too tired for sex, he'd strip off his clothes, crawl into bed, and wrap himself around Rodney. It hadn't taken Rodney long to start sleeping naked too, because John's skin against his felt really, really good.

Moving his fingers in a gentle rhythm, in and out, with plenty of rubbing, Rodney watched John, watched the muscles in his arm tighten when he twisted the sheet in his hand, and his abs contract as he lifted his hips, matching Rodney's rhythm. Looking at him deepened Rodney's arousal, rooted it further inside him somehow. It was like that almost every time he looked at John. It didn't matter whether they were having sex or not, looking at John made something burrow deeper inside.

Rodney wasn't sure there was anywhere left for it to go.

Letting go of Rodney's hand, John took hold of his own cock and it was Rodney's turn to gasp, except the sound was more of a strangled groan.

John smiled at him and began to stroke. Rodney had no doubt that John knew exactly what the sight of him touching himself like that was doing to Rodney, because the smile was more than a little smug.

Insufferable was his role. Rodney should say something pointed, something that would remind John of that, but he couldn't because his higher brain functions had been reduced to pretty much chanting the words "oh my God" over and over in his head, interspersed with "John" and "that's so hot."

It was more than hot. It was explosive, incendiary, something. John was touching himself, and looking at Rodney, and touching himself, with his hand on his cock. Slow and deliberate and watching Rodney the whole time like he knew he'd shut down everything but Rodney's ability to say "oh my god."

"You stopped," John said, his voice quiet, but rough.

Rodney looked at his hand. He had stopped, with his fingers half in and half out of John's ass. That was really hot, too, not the stopping, but the half in part. He wiggled his fingers, which took more concentration than he had, but somehow he managed it, and John made a strangled noise that was part groan and part laugh.

Smiling at the sound, Rodney once again pushed his fingers inside, and John lifted his hips, muttering, "Oh, yeah, Rodney."

Focusing his attention on the feel of John around his fingers, strong and smooth and warm, Rodney resumed moving back and forth.

John resumed touching himself, and Rodney didn't know where to look, at his fingers, or John's hand, or John's face, and he moved his gaze up and down John, absorbing the view.

When John's hand began to move faster, Rodney moved his hand faster too, and John's hips were moving, and Rodney couldn’t get over the way John just gave into pleasure, like it was something he deserved.

He did deserve it and Rodney wanted to give it to him. He stroked John's legs from thigh to hip with his free hand, feeling John's muscles flex as he lifted his hips.

The rhythm of John's hand changed abruptly, shifting to short, sharp strokes, and after just a couple he came, his shoulders lifting off the bed and his eyes closing as his whole body shook and his cock pulsed, and Rodney could feel John coming all around his fingers. Holding still, he watched, fascinated, drinking in the sight of John who got naked in ways Rodney hadn't realized it was possible to be naked.

John fell back against the bed, and Rodney watched the rise and fall of his chest as John tried to catch his breath. Then he opened his eyes, flashing Rodney a knowing, pleased smile.

"You," Rodney said, voice rougher than he was expecting.

John's smile broadened, and he straightened his legs, lowering them to the bed. Rodney took the hint and slid his fingers from John's ass.

Crawling up John, he knelt over him, knees on either side of John's hips, hands on either side of his chest. There was come in John's chest hair. Sliding a hand into his hair, John pulled him into a kiss.

John was still smiling when they parted. In John's place, Rodney might have been tempted to brag, but John didn't have to; his smile did it for him.

Rodney wanted John to suck him, but he didn't want to stop looking at John's face. He was so turned on he had to do something. Desperate, he took hold of his own cock and began to stroke.

Eyes sliding from Rodney's face to his cock, John caressed the side of Rodney's neck with his thumb. Knowing approval when he felt it, Rodney gave into the urge to stroke harder. It wasn't going to take long. He was too aroused to hold out, and realizing that he was jerking off on John, that he was going to come all over John, pushed him closer.

"I want it," John whispered and Rodney looked from his cock to John's face. John was staring up at him, open and wanting. "I want you to come on me. And in me. Soon. I want you to fuck me, soon."

Rodney came.

The pleasure didn't just shudder through him, it wracked him. He wasn't sure how he managed to stay on his knees, because every muscle in his body seemed to be focused on squeezing as much pleasure as possible out of him. He stared at John the entire time, not really seeing, just staring, just keeping John there with him.

Dropping his head forward, Rodney muttered, "Oh, God."

John chuckled and rubbed the back of Rodney's neck with his fingers. Rodney wanted to lie down, but he didn't want to move. Gentle pressure from John's fingers urged him to give in, so Rodney did, settling half on John and half on the bed, his head on John's shoulders. "Sex with you is nuts, you know that?"

"I'll take that as a compliment."

Since it was a compliment, Rodney didn't argue, choosing to stretch his arm across John's torso instead. The underside of his arm was now wet with their come, but Rodney rather liked that. Letting out a breath, he tightened his hold and let his body mold itself to John's.

There was definitely something to be said for being naked.

John caressed his back with a lazy stroke.

Yup, naked was definitely good.