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Title: Freedom

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Atlantis

Archive: Ask first

Pairing: Emmett/Julian

Rating: NC 17

Warnings: Fisting

Notes: This story is set in Yin's Snakes and Lawyers universe. Julian is a character played by Joe Flanagan in the TV series First Monday. Emmett was played by David Hewlett in the movie Boa v. Python.

Julian swallowed. Sure he'd asked for this, choked out his desire when Emmett was deep inside him, using his cock to force words from Julian just like he always did.

It'd be easier to resist if he didn't love it so much, that feeling of being outside himself, in some place where control didn't matter, where being right didn't matter, where the only thing that mattered was the pleasure. And Emmett.

Emmett kissed him, slow, slower than usual. "If you need me to stop, I will," he said so softly it was almost a whisper. Julian nodded and Emmett sat back between his legs, a tub of lube that looked like a vat next to him. At least it wasn't Crisco.

One hand dipped into the vat as Emmett stroked Julian's thigh with the other. He rubbed his thumb across a sensitive patch high on Julian's inner thigh, and Julian's cock which had been as uncertain as he was, wavering around semi-hard, stiffened.

Emmett had his body trained, but Julian couldn't find it in him to be bothered by that. In truth, he kind of liked it.

When Emmett's slick fingers touched his opening, Julian spread his legs still more, just like he did every single time. Emmett pressed inside, just a single finger, just a hint of what was too come. Julian still groaned.

Blinding pleasure when Emmett grazed his prostate, and then a second finger, pushing in, stretching him.

Julian wanted it, and he pushed his hips down onto Emmett's fingers.

"Shhh," Emmett said, circling the base of Julian's cock with his thumb and forefinger. Emmett never shushed him during sex. He was always trying to get Julian to lose it, to babble and cry out, to writhe and confess. The surprise was enough to still him.

Emmett moved his fingers back and forth, teasing. Julian kept still and tried not to ask for more.

Maybe Emmett wouldn't fist him, maybe he'd just make Julian come with his fingers. He'd done it before, taken Julian apart with just his fingers, and when Julian was still trying to focus pushed inside him. He loved being fucked when he'd already come, and the thought of it made him tighten his hands in the sheets.

A third finger pushed into him.

Julian tried to move his legs farther apart, but there wasn't anywhere for them to go.

Emmett was really stretching him now, turning his fingers in ways he knew would make Julian crazy, and he couldn't keep still any longer. He lifted his hips, seeking more. Emmett responded by rubbing Julian's balls with his thumb.

Then he leaned over and pressed his mouth to Julian's. Julian grabbed onto his shoulders and parted his lips. Emmett took his mouth the same way he was taking Julian's ass, with knowledge and care.

Sliding down Julian's chest, Emmett took his cock into his mouth, sucking on the head and sliding his fingers free. Julian made a noise that was part protest, part pleasure.

The fingers returned, slicker this time, and Emmett released his cock as he eased them inside.

The stretch burned. Oh, God, that wasn't three fingers, it was four.

Emmett was watching him, clearly ready to pull out, but Julian didn't want him to. "Okay," he said, almost panting. "It's okay."

Giving Julian's cock a slow stroke with his free hand, Emmett began to move his fingers back and forth, small movements, never pulling back very far.

He wanted more, even though the stretch still burned he wanted more, more of Emmett, more of the pleasure, of being wanton and free, the way only Emmett could make him. He lifted his hips, trying to get it.

Emmett stroked his cock again, slow and soothing, but he worked his thumb in. Julian could feel his knuckles when he pushed inside. That would be the hardest part to take, the widest part. He clutched at the sheets, groaning in frustration at his own inability to spread his legs any farther.

"Beautiful," Emmett said in a voice rich with lust. "You're so fucking beautiful."

He wanted to be beautiful for Emmett, so he let go of the sheet with his left hand and slid it up the center of his chest, carding his fingers through his chest hair before rubbing his right nipple, Emmett's favorite. His own touch just added to the pleasure coursing through him and Julian thought he might explode with it.

Then Emmett pushed again and there was a burst of pain and fullness like Julian had never felt before. He panted and groaned, squeezing his own nipple as Emmett kept perfectly still inside him.

"Julian?" The concerned look was back, along with something else, amazement maybe, or lust; Julian couldn't think clearly enough to sort it out.

"You're in me."

"I know."

"Move, please. A little."

Emmett did. He moved his fist back and forth, and Julian could feel his knuckles and the smooth skin on the back of his hand. The pressure was intense, and he could've sworn every breath Emmett took was somehow being transferred directly to his prostate.

Slow, gentle movements in his ass, and Emmett kissing the inside of his thigh, mouthing a ball, brushing his lips across that spot on Julian's cock.

He didn't feel wanton at all.

He felt cared for.

"Emmett." Emmett looked up at him, all blue eyes and tenderness. Julian wanted to kiss him and suck him, and wrap his arms around those shoulders and just hold on.

"I've got you," Emmett whispered, his mouth closing around Julian's nipple, his fist turning inside Julian. Turning and stroking, loving Julian from the inside out.

He came clutching at Emmett's shoulders.

When at last Julian let him go, Emmett slid his fist free and rose up onto his knees, straddling one of Julian's thighs, and jerked himself off with the hand that had been inside Julian.

Julian arched as he came, taking Emmett's fluid, trying to cover himself in it.

Later, when Emmett tried to clean it off, Julian stopped him, rubbing it into his skin before pulling Emmett down to rest against his chest.