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Title: Droplet

Author: chelle

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Fandom: Atlantis

Archive: Ask first

Pairing: John/Rodney

Rating: NC 17

Notes: Set sometime after Naked.

A drop of water.

Rodney paused, only half out of his jacket, mesmerized by that one drop of water. John had just gotten out of the shower when Rodney arrived, and he'd lain on the bed, face down, to wait while Rodney undressed.

It was inevitable that Rodney's eyes would follow the long, almost-curve of John's back down to the swell of his ass. John's legs were parted, exposing his balls, the space between his cheeks, everything.

Including one drop of water clinging to a dark curly hair just above the crinkled skin of John's opening.

Rodney swallowed. He wanted to lean down, wanted to… He shook himself, because he couldn't… That would be…

The drop seemed to be slipping lower, sliding along the hair, perched to drop right into the center of John's opening. It had to be his imagination. Maybe he should check.

Absently shrugging back into his jacket, he knelt on the end of the bed. John looked over his shoulder at Rodney, but surprisingly didn't say a word. Rodney edged forward. There it was, poised to fall at any moment.

Leaning forward, Rodney captured it with his tongue, the tip of his tongue brushing against warm skin.

John gasped.

Rodney did it again. John's skin was smooth beneath his tongue, even with the hair, and it tasted almost exactly like the rest of John, a little richer maybe. Curious now, he licked again, the tip of his tongue grazing wrinkled skin.

The angle was terrible, but Rodney kept exploring anyway. It wasn't gross, which kind of surprised him, but why should it be when John had just showered. John spread his legs wider, and Rodney pressed the tip of his tongue against the center of John's opening.


He loved it when John said his name like that, voice full of want, so he pressed deeper, until he could feel John around his curled tongue and his nose was buried in the space between John's cheeks.

John moved his legs forward, pushing himself up onto his knees, dislodging Rodney. His cheeks were farther apart, now, exposing even more. Rodney started to lean back in and stopped. The two perfect globes of John's ass were right in front of him, the thin trail of black curly hair between them leading to a small circle of muscle, slick with Rodney's saliva.

Pressing both of his hands to John's cheeks, he pushed them a little farther apart and then licked his way across John's opening and up, all the way to the small of John's back.

"Oh, God," John muttered.

Rodney did it again, brushing the edges of John's crack with his thumbs. Then he focused his attention back on John's opening, tracing it with the tip of his tongue and then pressing inside.

John pushed back against him.

Pulling his tongue back, he pushed it forward again. He was fucking John with his tongue. It should have been disgusting.

It wasn't, not with John shuddering against him. Sliding a hand down, he cupped John's balls, cradling them gently in his hand, rubbing John's perineum with his thumb.

John moaned and Rodney reached around with his other hand, closing it around John's cock. He was thick and hard in Rodney's hand, and Rodney stroked the entire length, trying to match the rhythm of his tongue. It took more coordination than he had to keep stroking John's perineum at the same time, so he settled for simply holding John's balls.

The familiar weight of John's cock was oddly reassuring, even as his tongue was caught in the smooth warmth of John's ass. He'd explored this smoothness before, with his fingers, with his cock, but never like this. It was shockingly intimate.

And it felt good, John filling his senses--his taste, his smell, the sound of his small, aroused grunts, the feel of his cock in Rodney's hand, his cheeks against Rodney's face.

John's cock jerked and Rodney pressed as deeply as he could, just in time to feel John come, his muscles contracting around Rodney's tongue, his cock pulsing against Rodney's palm.

"Oh, wow," John muttered and Rodney pressed a kiss to the small of his back, letting go of John's balls and rising up onto his knees.

John was still slick with Rodney's saliva, and when he gazed over his shoulder at Rodney, he looked utterly debauched. It was enough to make Rodney tug open his pants and push them out of the way, wrapping a hand still bearing drops of John's come around his own cock.

He stroked fast, cupping John's ass with his free hand. His cock was pointed directly at John's opening, but he didn't want to push himself inside, not right now. Now he wanted to come all over that perfect ass. Moving his hips in time with his hand, he pushed himself through the circle of his fist, the traces of John's fluid easing the friction, adding to the pleasure.

His orgasm arrived before he was ready, waves of pleasure making his hips jerk as the first spurt of his come landed right between John's cheeks, the rest leaving streaks across John's ass.

When it was over he lay on his side at the foot of John's bed, breathing hard. "That was kinky."

John chuckled. "Which part? The part where you rimmed me or the part where you jerked off all over my ass?" Turning around, he leaned over Rodney. "Or maybe the part where you're still completely dressed."

"All of the above."

John kissed him, a gentle tease of a kiss. "That would be my answer, too."

"You've turned me into a pervert."

Another kiss, this time to his temple. "You were always a pervert. I just gave you someone to be perverted with."

Rodney considered pointing out that that made John a pervert too, but he didn't think John would be bothered by that in the slightest. "For which I am deeply grateful," he said instead. Somehow his words lacked the intended sarcasm.

"You should get undressed," John said, kissing the side of his neck.

"Planning on debauching me some more?"

"Pretty much."

Rodney didn't want to move, but he sat up anyway, tugging off his jacket and dropping it to the floor. Maybe John would rim him next.

As soon as he was naked, John tugged him down onto the bed and settled more or less on top of him, his face pressed against the side of Rodney's neck. "That's better."

Rodney had to agree that it was. He ran a hand slowly up and down the center of John's back. He'd grown to like this part as much as the sex, this lazy cuddling that Rodney would never, ever refer to as cuddling. Snuggling maybe. Or better yet post-coital relaxation. That's what it was. And like sex, it was better with two.

Much better.

John kissed the side of his neck again. Maybe not so much post-coital as in between-coital. Rodney was okay with that.

He stroked some more, enjoying the feel of John's skin, tilting his head to the side and making room for more of John's kisses.

John nibbled. Rodney sighed. He liked nibbling. Tiny nibbles. Little sharp bits of pleasure that went straight from his neck to his cock. To show his approval he slid his hand lower, tracing the space between John's cheeks with his fingers.

Shifting, John moved over him and pulled his legs forward, so that he was on his knees, but still keeping his upper body touching Rodney's. It was a perfect position for kissing, and luckily for Rodney he was sleeping with a very observant man.

Kissing John was an exercise in decadence. John approached kissing like he approached everything related to sex, with a lazy, artless thoroughness. It was addicting.

Rodney continued stroking, thinking absently about where his tongue had been before John had begun eagerly sucking on it. The space between John's cheeks was slick. Slick with Rodney's fluid. The thought was enough to make him groan.

His fingers brushed John's opening, and John pushed back, almost lodging the tip of Rodney's finger inside. Rodney took the hint and pressed, just slightly. His finger slid in up to the first knuckle. It was his own fluid that had let him slide in like that, and when he began to move his finger, just a little, it was his own come he was working into John's ass. "John."

"Yeah," John said, rocking his hips back. "Yeah." Then his mouth was on Rodney's again.

Slick kisses and John fucking himself on Rodney's finger, not the whole thing because the angle was terrible, but enough, and Rodney was so turned on he couldn't believe he'd come once already.

John edged forward, his cock brushing Rodney's stomach, and rocked back, taking in more of Rodney's finger.

He was out of kissing range now, too far up Rodney's body, but Rodney pressed his mouth to John's neck and shoulder, any place he could reach. John tasted so damn good. His rocking motion was causing his stomach to rub the upper half of Rodney's cock, and Rodney's finger was now all the way inside, encased in John's softness. Rodney turned his hand until he had just the right angle, then he pressed and John groaned, a deep, guttural sound that went straight to Rodney's cock.

"I want… Rodney, I want…"

"What? What do you want?" Rodney would do anything, anything that would make John feel good, anything John wanted him to.

"I want to suck you while you finger me."

"Oh." It wasn't hard to figure out why John wanted that. He wanted Rodney in him at both ends, wanted Rodney in his mouth and his ass at the same time. "Yes. Just kiss me first."

John sat back, right on Rodney's hand, forcing his finger in even deeper, and then leaned forward, one hand in the center of Rodney's chest, and kissed him. It was a little wild and a little gentle and a lot hot. Then John slid off his finger and turned around and suddenly Rodney had a very hard cock hanging down in his face. The temptation to open his mouth and take it in was very strong, but he resisted.

Not bothering with preliminaries, John just closed his mouth around Rodney's cock and started to suck. Rodney gasped in surprise, his hips bucking, eyes falling closed. It took a couple of strokes for him to remember that he was supposed to be doing something other than just letting John have him.

Opening his eyes, he sucked two of his fingers into his mouth. It should have been gross, after all one of those fingers had just been in John's ass and both had traces of Rodney's come, but given where his tongue had been earlier in the evening it seemed like a silly thing to worry about. So he slicked his fingers and then pressed them to John's opening. John groaned, the sound reverberating around Rodney's cock, and Rodney pushed all the way in. John opened around him, and Rodney was never going to get used to the way John just welcomed him inside.

He fucked John slowly, taking his time, sometimes turning his fingers, sometimes brushing John's prostate. The angle wasn't great, but it was good enough. And John slid up and down Rodney's cock, sucking sweetly, the pleasure building at an almost perfect pitch.

With John spread out above him, he could see the upper edge of John's opening, stretched around his fingers, and he could see John's balls and cock, smell him, and there was nothing like the smell of John when he was aroused.

When John began sucking harder, Rodney fucked him a little harder, and when John began moving faster, Rodney lifted his hips, matching John's rhythm.

He was fucking John. Fucking his mouth and his ass, filling him completely, and John wanted it. John was moving with him, rocking between his cock and his fingers. He wanted Rodney to do this to him and that may have been the hottest, most erotic thing ever.

Rodney wanted a dildo, something nice and thick so it would be even more like he was fucking John at both ends. But with a dildo he wouldn't be able to feel John's heat or the twitch of his ass.

He was getting closer and he started brushing John's prostate with every stroke, wanting to bring John with him, but John's mouth was just too much for him and he came hard, fingers slamming into John's ass, hips rising to meet John's mouth as John drank him down, pulling the pleasure right out of him, pulling more and more until he relaxed into the bed, completely drained.

There was a cock hanging in his face, and Rodney was tired of waiting for it. John moaned when Rodney closed his lips around it, sucking the head as he resumed stroking.

John had released his cock, and he rested his cheek on Rodney's hip. Rodney wrapped his free arm around John's hips, using it for leverage as he lifted his mouth up and down John's cock.

It only took a few strokes before John came, filling Rodney's mouth with warm, salty fluid. Rodney swallowed it all, drinking from the head of John's cock like it was some kind of spastic fountain, disappointed when John pulled away with a groan.

John dropped onto the bed next to him, his head still down by Rodney's hips, and Rodney reached out, rubbing John's side. "That was the best kinky sex ever."

A soft chuckle. "You always say that."

"That's because it's always true."

John captured Rodney's hand with his, entwining their fingers. "Yeah, it is."

"Come up here," Rodney said, tugging on John's hand.

"I'm comfortable."

"The pillows are up here. Plus, I'll cuddle you."

John didn't answer, but he did turn around, settling his head on Rodney's shoulder. Rodney sat up just enough to grab the blankets, ignoring John's grumbles, and then wrapped his arms around John's shoulders, all ready for some nice, proper post-coital relaxation.

He was asleep within minutes.