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As the World Turns

Astonished .:. Luke/Noah .:. NC 17 .:. 19 kb

They've been doing this for weeks, even though it took Luke forever to convince Noah that they could.

Brisco County, Jr.

What Friends Do .:. Socrates/Brisco .:. NC 17 .:. 10 kb

"That was a brave thing you did," Brisco says, leaning back against the wall behind the bed and crossing his feet at the ankle.

Dr. Who and Torchwood

The Definition of Light .:. Doctor/Master .:. PG 13 .:. 10 kb

"You know the thing I find most interesting about getting old?" The Master asked, leaning in the doorway of the Valiant's bridge, his eyes fixed on the cage suspended from the ceiling.

As If It's His Last .:. Jack/Jack .:. R .:. 3 kb

Jack doesn't care how he got here, how he managed to come back.


Heartless .:. Hiro/Peter .:. NC 17 .:. 5 kb

He isn't surprised when Peter just steps through the door like it isn't there.


Afterimages .:. Nick/Stephen .:. PG 13 .:. 4 kb

The whiskey burned.

Alterations .:. Nick/Stephen .:. NC 17 .:. 35 kb

Throwing himself forward, Nick somersaulted through the anomaly.


Untouched .:. Sonny/Vinnie .:. R .:. 4 kb

"Vincenzo." Sonny says it in his ear, low and dirty, as he pushes in deep.

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